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Seth sat in the subway train waiting for his uncle to call to give him the ok to continue with his mission. Sitting in front of him, literally, was his faithful sidekick, a grey pit bull with gorgeous blue eyes, she sat in front of him panting from the long walk that they had to get to the subway station. She went by the name of Athena for her aggressive fighting skills; she stared at Seth and whined, nudging him with her nose.

“I know girl Junior is taking way to long,” Seth said petting Athena’s head I don’t feel comfortable either.” He glanced around the train car to make sure that the old man was still sitting there; he had a small brief case that had a combination lock. Athena was getting a little uneasy Seth let her go so she could walk around for little bit. Athena walked by the suitcase and sniffed it for a while and came back to Seth. She whined again, now Seth felt very uneasy he kept his and on the tripod case he was carrying waiting for a single call from his uncle. Finally he heard his phone ring he pushed the talk button and pressed the phone against his ear.

“Go.” Junior’s voice spoke through the speaker Seth quickly hung up and uncapped the tripod case and walked up to the old man. The old man looked up, scared.

“What’s in the case old man?” Seth asked coldly

“Some business papers that I need to take home.” He answered quickly

“Open it now.” Seth demanded

“Why I’d never.” The old man gasped

“Now.” Seth demanded

“You are as good as the Council says, now what makes you think that I will open this for you?” The old man chuckled

“If you don’t,” Seth growled impatiently, “there is a grave with your name on it.” The old man quickly jumped out of his seat preparing to give Seth a good old punch in the mouth. The instant he did Athena leapt and clamped down on the old mans neck. The Old man fell over and threw Athena off. Seth kicked the bottom of the tripod case, instantly the flash of a beautifully constructed sword leapt into the air. Seth caught the blade during the sword’s decent to the ground.

“So I see your reputation precedes you,” the old man chuckled, “it is as they say you truly do fight with your father’s blade, his beautiful katana.” He quickly stood up, “as for me I have my own.” The old man drew old style machete blade he chuckled as he ran his fingers along the edge of the blade. Seth stood his ground keeping his sword pointed downwards; the old man leapt swinging the blade in a sideways figure eight. Seth easily stepped out of the way of the attack and made one clean slash across the man’s back. The man back-flipped over his head. By the time Seth spun around the man swung and the tip of his machete sliced into Seth’s right arm he grunted in pain thinking as logically as he could in this situation. He looked around and found the brown leather suitcase the man was carrying.

“Athena, grab the suitcase!” Seth shouted obediently she darted for the suitcase the man growled and charged in her direction. Seth quickly intercepted the man blowing him back with a palm strike to the chest.

“No one touches my dog.” Seth swung his blade the sound of clashing steel assured him that the old man was still fast. Athena barked telling Seth that she had the suitcase. Seth darted towards the back of the train Athena running ahead of him breaking through the glass doors between cars. Seth panted and skid to a stop at the end of the train. The vampyre man was right behind him Seth spun around pointing the blade directly at the old man. Soon the man fell on Seth’s katana they both fell to the ground. Athena sat watching the two motionless bodies on the ground she whined and approached them, as the conductor’s voice called through the speaker.

“Attention passengers we are now arriving at our last stop for the night down town Los Angles. Please wait for the train to come to a complete stop before exiting the train thank you for joining us tonight on this voyage have a nice day.” Athena nudged the old man off Seth and licked her partners face in an attempt to wake him up. Seth coughed and shuddered he slowly got up he was in pain from the fall and from the fight.

“Ok girl get off of me please,” Seth chuckled, “before I suffocate with your tongue.” Seth got up and grabbed the suit case.

Seth stood at he subway doors, Athena waiting beside him; he heard the intercom bell ring, as the doors opened. He stepped out of the subway and handed a man in a suit the brief case. Junior eagerly greeted him.

“Anything else that you need captain, you know any other kills you want me to wait two hours four” Seth asked in smooth tone.

“No it’s already too late for you to be out. Remember you have to register for school tomorrow at eight.” Junior answered

“Need I remind you it’s your fault that I was out this late since you wouldn’t call sooner Mr. Last Minute Killing.” Seth said pissed off “You better hope you brought your car and my car.”

“Why?” he asked quietly

“Cause there ain’t no way in hell that I’m driving you home after I waited two and a half hours for your call that you should’ve had to me in ten minutes.” Seth growled getting into the drivers seat of his car Junior laughed as Seth locked the doors of his car. He turned on the engine as Junior tried to get into the car he pulled on the door handle viciously. Seth put on his sunglasses and waved to Junior as he drove away smiling. Seth got tired of driving in the busy Los Angeles streets they were always filled with traffic around this time of night; he glanced at his Acura Integra’s clock it read nine ‘o five. It was still early but he had school registration tomorrow and he had to wake up pretty early so he could be ready by eight. He sighed and glanced around by the looks of the traffic he would get to the freeway in about twenty minutes if nothing else happens. He glanced at his empty passenger seat he sighed he had to get to bed he was getting tired, he may be the only professional sixteen year old vampire slayer, but unfortunately he was still only human. He heard a knock on his window he turned and saw his uncle Junior outside the car window, Seth stopped to think and decided to unlock the door Junior stepped into the car.

“You thought I was kidding didn’t you?” Seth smirked.

“Shut up and drive.” Junior said obviously ticked off.

“I do have an eject button installed in this car.” Seth smiled

“Did I ever mention how much I love you?” Junior said sweetly, Seth rolled his eyes.

“Kiss ass.”

Ana sat in the big empty house waiting her fiancée and his nephew to return from work she was nervous like she always was she always feared that they would get eaten alive or something much worse. Ana tried to get her mind off of the subject she started reading her book on ancient creatures, as she passed the pages on Egyptian animals her worries grew.

What if they got eaten by scarabs? Ana put the book down clearly this was no way to forget aout her worries it would only make her worry more than she wanted to she sighed anxious about her family.

All I need is to watch some nice relaxing television. She flipped past all of the news channels and started watching some movies on the Sci-Fi channel. The movies playing was Friday the Thirteenth, Ana sat interested in the movie watching all the gore that the movie held. What if Jason came back from the dead and killed them? She quickly changed the cannel to Food Network. Rachel Ray was cooking one of her thirty minute meals; she seemed to be cooking sausage marinara pasta, shrimp Alfredo, and some grilled clams. Ana wrote down the recipes to each of these dishes and went into the kitchen to cook them. She felt very relaxed now that she was in the kitchen cooking her family. There was a loud knock on the door, she turned the stove flame down and walked to answer the door. Standing in the doorway was her fiancée and soon to be nephew, she sighed relieved.

“Oh Seth you’re alive and not dead,” She said happily “or eaten by scarabs.” She quickly wrapped Seth in her arms; pulling back she began to examine him. “Your not hurt are you you’re ok, in one piece or maybe a broken bone or worse what if you got bitten!!!” She found a long scratch across the skin of his arm the bright blood seemed brighter against his well tanned muscles. Ana instantly took him to the bathroom to make sure that the wound was properly treated and tended to.

“Ana really it’s nothing I just let my guard down for a second and he got a good scratch at me but its ok that was the first and last hit he ever got me with.” Ana soon finished tending to Seth she let to go find her fiancée she groaned and found him in the kitchen.

“What no hi or hello or how are you?” Ana growled menacingly

“I’m just not in a good mood right now.” Junior said angrily.

“When aren’t you in a bad mood you have me sit here at home worried as hell that you and my new nephew might not come back and then you think that you can waltz in and tell me that you’re in a bad mood and throw me away like I’m some kind of tool.” She cried, “Tell me, and tell me why I can’t be out there with you? Well?!” Junior sat silently in shock he had no clue what to say he watched stare at him with the burning anger she had.

“Typical,” Ana laughed, “you have absolutely nothing to say like you always do everything right.” Ana stormed out of the kitchen and went to consult her future nephew about her future husband. No one knew him better than he did considering he grew up with him; Seth was lying down on the couch with Athena sitting next to it. They were both watching a different movie on the Sci-Fi channel; after all it had been about forty-five minutes since she had last checked that channel, Seth was quite interested in the movie mainly because people were being torn apart by mutated birds.

“Hey Seth,” Ana said silently, instantly he sat up making room for her on the couch, “What’s on?”

The Bird Flu Horror it has a very good storyline where the past unfolds as teenagers try to run from mutated Jurassic birds.” Seth said excited as Ana sat in the seat next to him.

“Um, you’ve known Junior for your whole life right?” Seth nodded, “So you

know how to talk to him right.”

“He’s just being a…a…”


“Thanks, and it just gets me so…so…”

“Pissed off?”

“Thanks again, he’s just so frustrating.” Ana groaned “I mean you get along with him just fine.”

“That’s because he’s scared of me and doesn’t want to get on my bad side that is if he knows what’s good for him of course.” Seth said jokingly.

“So how would you talk to him if you were me?”

“Hmmm, if I were you wow, that’s a good question, well ummm. First I would remember that I love him and will soon be with him, I hope, then I would try to think of what he goes through at work, you know?” Ana nodded, “And from there I would find a sort of middle ground where you two would get along and where you don’t have to worry about our, I mean, his well being.”

“That makes sense,” Ana smiled as if she had an epiphany “Wow that was extremely useful thank you.” She hugged him and went into the kitchen to finish dinner.

“Any time.” Seth sighed and continued with his movie. Athena followed Ana to the kitchen just in time to see them talk about what they should do about the current problem in their relationship, Athena stared at them and walked away she went back to her partner before he fell asleep after all he didn’t have dinner yet and he was already falling asleep. She jumped on the couch and curled up next to his leg her tail eagerly wagging for some excitement. Ana called Seth and Athena for dinner, Athena nudged Seth and whined.

“C’mon lets go have ourselves some dinner.” Seth said patting her head and walked to the kitchen.

A man sat in his chair waiting for his messenger from Los Angeles; he quietly sat in his office seat the phone rang.

“Hello?” The man said crossly.

“He’s dead, John is dead.” The voice crackled through the phone. The man slammed the phone onto the receiver. He placed his hand on his forehead and traced the scar that ran across his left eye and growled. As he got up and walked around the warehouse he found his top vampyre squadron. The entire squad stood at attention as they silently awaited their assignment.

“Hello boys.” He said to the four guys in the squad, all of Hispanic origin. The first the usual gang banger shaved head, muscle shirt, baggy pants, covered in tattoos, Jack. The second soccer player long black hair tied back with a leather cord, Roberto, shorts and a t-shirt. Third boy looked very normal looking skinny, few muscles, Christopher, jeans and a jacket. Finally the last one had dark tan skin, metro style glasses, Julian; he wore a long sleeve button up shirt with casual dark blue jeans.

“Hello, Luke how can we be of assistance for you today.” The boy in glasses said

“I need you to find someone for me.” He growled menacingly.

Seth was lounging in his room reading a book and enjoying the peace and quiet, he was one of those boys that appreciated the invention of pencil, pen, and paper; also the printing press, ink and stamps. Good old pen and ink, he thought, they never fail to entertain me. He sat staring admirably reading the pages imagining all of the possible settings and lightings that the story could be taking place in he always felt like he was there inside of the story, whatever was happening he always felt like he was experiencing it. He soon felt like he was dozing off, Ana strolled in to his room she stood at the door.

“C’mon Seth bed time,” She said, “You have school tomorrow your going to be a junior in high school. An eleventh grader I remember those days wow they were fun.”

“Spare me another one of your romance stories Ana,” Seth groaned playfully, “I told you I don’t want a girlfriend you’re already working for the warehouse so it’s easy or Junior to make sure that you’re safe. He just calls the warehouse and then asks security to put you under watch for a possible attack.”

“Pish-posh who cares, you need to start going out more than you already do. I mean come on, when are you going to ask Kelsi out it’s been four years since you met her?”

“Kelsi and I are just friends, it’s always been that way and I’m sure that’s how it’s going to stay.” Seth stated clearly before he silently slid into his bed and drifted asleep. Ana smiled and kissed Seth on the cheek, the gently closed the door silently she strolled down the hall into her office next to her bedroom she sat in her fluffy arm chair with the file of the old man that Seth had recently killed. The manila folder contained a photo of the old man his current date of birth and his real date of birth, at first she had a hard time believing that vampyres aged, but she soon learned that they only aged to a certain point and stopped after they reached that age. She read up on the slain enemy his real name was Baron Mondale he was born in Concord, Massachusetts in 1893 he was one of the few known survivors of the Vampire vs. Werewolf Wars, the warehouse of course sided with the werewolves after all had just about the same goal that the warehouse had, exterminate the vampire race. Ana read more on the vampyre and saw one peculiar piece of information, it for some reason said that he wasn’t employed y any of the vampyre companies or any form of vampire agencies. Ana quickly highlighted the strange information and she looked at the brown leather briefcase that Seth brought home. She tried to open the suit case, but for some reason it wouldn’t do anything it wouldn’t open or even click it was locked somehow. She had to take this suitcase to the warehouse tomorrow while Seth was registering for school just to figure out how to open the case, which means she has to file the evidence under Seth’s name otherwise it would take days to go through the system. That’s what happens when you work in the offices they don’t think that your input is important. She thought mockingly, but since Seth was the commander of the Alpha squad in the warehouse his requests get processed immediately. Stupid ranking system if it weren’t for the office workers they wouldn’t have an organization. Ana just sighed and wrote it down on a sticky note. She groaned and wondered how stressful Junior and Seth’s job was, it must be insanity compared to hers. She shook her head and tried to concentrate on the file of Baron she had no clue why the man would be carrying a completely secured suitcase without working for any organization. Great now I have to request a full background check on the guy, Ana sighed her job was so complicated, too many things to file, too many things to request, too many reports to fill out and way too much monotony. Ana wanted to get a promotion she needed the promotion to excite her work life just a little bit to go from researcher to squadron office then she wouldn’t have to request anything under Seth’s or Junior’s name. Then she could process anything without any delay or wait same day results, and more freedom. She sighed she’ll never get the promotion mostly because she doesn’t do much work because she liked to make sure that she didn’t miss a single thing in a case that she had to research on, which is why she always got one hundred percent on all of her essays, projects, and presentations in college and graduated top of her class. Whether the company saw it or not she was always requested by the Alpha squad to research their cases because they knew she was the best researcher in the warehouse. So take that warehouse manager I am the best researcher in the warehouse. She thought to herself with pride, she put down the folder and went up to finally go to sleep.

Julian stood at the edge of a cliff he staring into the horizon with a looking off into the night with the look of thought placed upon his eyes, he looked down at the name that Luke had given him he looked at it quite curiously. Roberto walked up to him and looked at him strangely.

“Ay,” Roberto said calling his attention, “what’s on your mind bro? You look completely out of it man.”

“Huh,” Julian said as if he were half asleep, “oh nothing I just feel like my past is coming back to haunt me.”

“What do you mean bro? Are you saying that the dude we’re looking for was your homeboy?” Roberto asked strangely.

“I don’t know man, I don’t remember much after I turned fifteen.”

“Shit,” Roberto said “Well who ever the fuck this guy is we’re taking him down right.” His sentence was followed by a whole bunch of whoops and hurrah’s.

“Yeah,” Julian whispered, “I guess.” His eyes glanced upwards as he stared at the city of Los Angeles from a distance wondering if he would remember his past when he found this person they were looking for.

Seth slammed his alarm clock off tired and pissed off that he had to wake up early now that his summer vacation was over he glared at the clock with immense hatred. The red digital numbers read 6:30 he slowly got up from bed and scratched his head and went into his closet he picked out the clothes that he wanted to wear that day he chose his black short sleeve button up shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. He grabbed his boxers and under shirt and headed for the shower in the hall, he banged on Junior’s door as he walked by to wake him up in time for him to get to work. He stepped into the bathroom locking the door behind him he took off his clothes and stepped into the shower and let the warm water run across his skin, his fingers traced the long scar from his right hip to his left shoulder the scar was completely visible it was about three or four shades lighter than his skin was. His muscles were sore from last night’s hunt, the old man left him a wound across his arm he removed the bandage to see how the wound was doing, and the scratch had already be gun to scab so he just left the bandage off. He stepped out of the shower, dried and clothed himself he wiped the fog that the stem left on the window. He began his daily routine. He spiked his hair with his hair gel; he washed his face with acne cleanser, and brushed his teeth. He dropped the boxers that he slept in into the blue basket in the laundry room and trotted downstairs to make breakfast. He set the pan onto the stove and ignited the flame underneath it. He grabbed a package of bacon, five eggs, and some frozen waffles. He poured some cooking oil into the bottom of the pan and began cracking in eggs two at a time. The sizzle of the pan woke up Athena telling her it was breakfast which means she would get her daily treat, along with Pedigree dog chow. She slowly walked into the kitchen and sat next to her metal dog bowl beautifully engraved with her name, Athena, she waited tired, but at the same time eager. Seth stepped away from the eggs so he could fill her bowl with food, he neatly place a Milkbone on top of the dog chow. Seth set it on the floor and went back to his cooking. After he finished the eggs he neatly placed two eggs per plate, except for the last one which got one, He then proceeded to cut six bacon strips in half and began frying them four at a time. During this time he began toasting the waffles, Junior came downstairs happy to hear the sound of bacon popping in oil. He sat at the kitchen table and started reading the newspaper waiting eagerly for breakfast. Seth quickly plated all of the food and set them on the table Junior put away the newspaper once he heard the plate hit the table.

“Yum,” Junior said childishly “now be a good little house maid and get me my coffee.” Seth went and grabbed the freshly brewed pot of coffee, walked up to Junior and poured it on his pants.

“Son of a…” Junior yelled

“Sorry my hand slipped.” Seth said sarcastically and poured coffee into Junior’s mug. Ana came down and looked at Junior then looked at Seth pouring the coffee.

“I keep telling you Junior don’t offend him in the morning he will hurt you, you have no idea how many times I have to wash your clothes just to get the stains out.” Ana said aggravated she turned to Seth, “And you why must you stain his clothes in the process can’t you hurt him without staining his shirt or pants.

“Of course I can,” Seth said placing the coffee pot back in the coffee maker, “I just choose not to.” Seth said sitting down to eat his food Ana just sighed and joined him. Junior left to change his pants but soon came back to enjoy the meal and left for work with Ana. Seth walked outside and went into his Acura Integra Athena scratched the passenger door Seth opened it for her and she jumped in and sat down. Seth put on her seat belt as he turned the car on.

“You’re staying in the car when I’m registering for school ok.” Athena looked at him puzzled as he drove off the drive way and towards his home high school. Athena gazed out the window watching the scenery pass by. Seth was driving half asleep when he got to the high school in front of the school there was a big poster reading: “Welcome home Helena High Wolves!” Seth groaned when he saw the full of pep ASB members running the booths. Seth parked his car in the dirt strip in front of the school and rolled the windows down a little it so Athena wouldn’t overheat.

“Stay here girl,” Seth said grabbing his registration forms from the glove compartment, “if you need anything just call ok.” Athena barked in agreement as Seth unbuckled her and she jumped to take a nap in the backseat. He slowly approached the booth where you drop off your registration form and pick up your schedule. A blonde girl stood behind the table that had Seth’s schedule, he unwillingly approached the table to get his schedule.

“Hi, my names Brittany,” the girl said, I’ll take your form from you and give you your schedule.” Seth handed him his form trying to stay quiet, “Ok Alexander Seth Orozco.” She mumbled flipping through the folders, “Ahh here you are,” She said writing something down on his schedule and handing it to him, “have a nice day.”

“Thanks, you too.” He said walking inside the school to get his ID card picture and the rest of his stuff. He sat down to take his picture he smiled and the camera flashed. He quickly went in line to grab his ID card. The man handed him his ID card glaring at him with disgust. He walked into the school library and handed the librarian his schedule she stacked up the five books he needed. For the five out of six academic classes he had, she held her hand out for his ID card he handed her it so he could checkout the five books. She quickly scanned his car and the books so he can take them and go home. He carried the books to his car and instantly heard Athena’s bark once he got out of the library, had darted down the hallways of his school with the books in his hands. He got to the point where he could see his car form where he was, he saw a boy trying to keep Athena quiet Seth threw the metal six inch pole he kept in the pocket inside of his pants the pole hit the boys head and the boy fell over. Seth ran up to the car he threw his books into the open window and jumped into the driver’s seat.

“Stupid kid.” Seth mumbled and drove off to work.


Athena eagerly leapt through her obstacle course, to her this was just one great big game to see if she did good enough to get a treat. The course was similar to that of the course of a dog show, so she had to weave between poles and crawl through tunnels. Swim through large swimming pools, jump over four foot high bars and of course walk across an unstable seesaw. Athena panted as she crawled through the squiggly tunnel she was having so much fun she darted out of the tunnel and sat on the red circle at the end of the course, she barked eagerly.

“Good job girl, come in.” She heard her masters voice call she trotted over to the flap in the door so she can get her treat. She stopped at the flap she knew something was wrong she slowly retreated backwards and growled. She knew that there was something wrong with that flap that she usually goes through she heard the door click open and saw a man about her master’s age. Except he was bald and tattooed, and smelled of marijuana, the man chuckled.

“Here doggy.” He said pulling out a chain to attack her with Athena bolted back to the obstacle course and leapt on the seesaw causing the end behind her to jolt upwards hitting the man chasing her.

Hija de su puta…” The man yelled Athena darted between poles as the man tried to whack her with the chain. The chain continuously hit the poles the man was getting frustrated trying, she dove into the pool and went as deep as she could for as long as she could once she had to breathe she sprung off the bottom of the pool and shot out clearing a good three feet above the pool. She landed on top of the man taking him to the ground with her , she instantly got up and darted towards the door which was opening she saw her master standing in the doorway quickly she spun around to face her opponent.

“No one touches my dog.” Her master growled he threw the katana strait at the boy the sword struck and cut through his skull. Athena sniffed the boy’s body to make sure that he was dead; she flinched back when she smelled death on his skin. She glanced at him there was something strange about this man he didn’t seem to even so much as try to dodge the sword. It seemed as though he just took the sword head on, as though he could beat it. She trotted up to her master to see if he noticed what she did it seemed as though he did only he seemed to care more about how he got into the factory with the entire line defense that they had up before this happened. The last time the factory got broken into it was when her master was a little older than a pup, she may not have been there but she had heard the humans talk about it. She knew that her master’s father had died in the accident and his mother was nowhere to be found after that attack, she never knew what happened to her and neither did the humans. She had an idea about what might have happened but she found it nearly impossible, so she ruled out her idea. No one could ask her if they tried after all she could understand them but they couldn’t understand her. Athena silently sat next to her master’s leg munching on the treat that fell out of his fingers she stared at him as he gazed at the man in shock. Junior ran in and looked at her master.

“What’s wrong?” he asked curiously

“I think this guy wanted me to kill him.” Her master said slowly.

Julian stared at the warehouse waiting for Jack to come out he couldn’t stand waiting this long his job was simple get inside get the dog and get out. Knowing him he probably made the whole flashy entrance just so he could get into a good fight with the warehouse owners. Julian sighed and decided he would wait five more minutes before he would leave; he waited for so long it felt like he was there for years. Julian lifted up the pouch of hospital blood and drank. He never felt thirsty or hungry for the matter he just didn’t think that it was healthy to not drink so he would drink from a pouch when suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his side he looked down and saw nothing there he lifted up his shirt to see that he had a small thorn stuck in his side. It must have poked me when I put the blood pack back on my belt. He pulled the thorn out flicked it at a nearby tree he glanced down at the factory he saw that the wall that he was looking at had a section of it that was a shade lighter than most of the wall. Julian heard a voice inside of his head talking to him.

That’s where Luke broke into the factory with his army; he nearly destroyed the warehouse when he did. Smart one tried to blowup the wall instead of just cutting the wall open.

Julian shook his head and stared at the wall strangely he never even heard about what Luke did before he built up the corporation that he has now. There was no way that he should’ve known that, but for some reason he knew it. They haven’t ever even been in this warehouse or near it until know and yet he knew it somehow. He knew where to break into, where security was the weakest and how to get to where the dog trains for her field work. Julian took another sip of blood and started to walk away he froze in his tracks. He turned around to confirm his thought he smelled Jacks blood from the factory Julian darted away from the factory to get to Luke so he can deliver the news.

Seth sat down in the conference room Ana had some stuff to present to him and his squad.

“Ok,” She said excited, “So you remember the suitcase you gave me yesterday well I had the lab analyze it to see if it could be opened. Well the lab opened up the suitcase guess what was inside of it. Needles like hospital needles so I had the lab run the fingerprints on the needles. The syringes was covered with fingerprints and they were filled with blood so we decided to check the look to see whose it was, it belongs to a vampire they said they’d keep me posted, so that I can keep you posted but until further notice they’re going to check the entire database to find the vampire. That and we checked the background on the vampire you ran into on the train. Well this guy actually lived longer than I though it turns out that he was the top knight in King Arthur’s round table, once King Arthur found out that he was a vampire Arthur wanted to get rid of him. Once he found out Arthur wanted him annihilated looks like our friend was a little smarter and left before they could. No one in his kingdom was allowed to speak of his name ever again.”

“So does he have a name or not?” Seth asked confused

“According to the file his name is Baron but I’m so sure about that so I’m having the lab check. The weird part is he doesn’t work for any organization, company or anything at all.” Ana said with a bit of distraught.

“Cool thanks Ana, I’ll tell Junior all about that can you give me anything on the guy that decided to attack Athena this morning?” Seth asked curiously

“Unfortunately no we haven’t been able to identify the body of the vampire no knows who this kid is except that he’s about your age. That’s all that we could say about this guy nothing else besides that.”

“Well thanks anyways Ana, see you later gotta go get in my daily workout routine got to keep my toned muscles, well, toned.” Seth said as he stepped out of the briefing room. As he did Ana lost her smile she knew that the warehouse was hiding something from her mostly because she asked for specific details that she didn’t get at all, the warehouse didn’t even look like they tried at all to find her information. She knew that there was something wrong with the way that the warehouse was examining the blood it looked like they just went and gave it a quick scan she saw the difference in the research they have done in the past as opposed to now which was just a quick look and said that they would look at it again. Wait a second Ana said glancing closer at the file it doesn’t even mention that they’re going to look at the blood a second time. She pondered all of the possibilities why they wouldn’t. They’re hiding something from me and Seth she sat down in the conference chair and thought about what to do. Soon she realized that the only way she could find out is if she snuck into the lab herself.

Seth slowly pushed his set of weights away from his chest and let them slowly fall back down. He was deep in thought he couldn’t figure out exactly why someone would want to take Athena. She is just a dog right there’s nothing special about her, I personally am there when they give her, her exams. Seth knew that someone out there was planning something against him if they tried to get his dog to get to get to him. He couldn’t think of anyone that was smart enough to break into the factory besides him and Junior, so unless Junior was working for someone else then there’s no way that any of it could happen. Seth set the weights down so he could think. He took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling waiting for an idea to just hit him so he can figure out this puzzling conundrum. He laid back down on the weight bench angry as hell, he could’ve sworn that he knew that vampires face he closed his eyes and tried to remember. Until a voice rang through his head.

His name was Jack I met him right after I turned fourteen and started working for……

Seth bolted upright breathing heavily, Holy shit, he thought, that wasn’t my voice that wasn’t even my thought. He brushed off the feeling and the thought and walked out of the weight room confusion weighing heavily on his mind.

Jack and I were best friends we were closer than any other two people in the world, we always snuck away from work and had ourselves a good time.

Stop it! He mentally yelled as he walked into the break room all eyes were on him, he had an image of pain on his face as he walked through the room he heard a load of gossip on why he looked like that. He crossed the room to see that his uncle was waiting for him on the other side of the room.

“Hey Seth I forgot to tell you but you, have a doctors appointment today.” He said pointed to the medical room. Seth walked into the office and sat down waiting to be called. A short chubby nurse with pink cheeks called him into the office.

“The doctor will see you in room three.” She said gesturing to the room as Seth strolled in and sat down on the bed. He read a magazine as he patiently waited for his doctor just as he finished his doctor walked in.

“Good evening Seth how are you today.” His doctor said cheerfully, he was your average military doctor. Light skinned, grey hair, extremely cautious and so on, no one knew his real name so everyone called him Doc.

“Pretty good, a little tired.” He answered

“Well this is your regular monthly checkup so we’re gonna start it off the same way with you Vamp shot.” Doc said pulling out a needle

“Hey,” Seth called “No offense or anything but I don’t think I need that any more.”

“Well it’s a precaution.” Doc answered

“”Yeah I know that but the last time a vampire scratched me was four years ago when I joined the warehouse I don’t think I need that shot anymore.” Seth said calmly

“Well just in case…” Doc said getting ready to put the needle into his arm. Seth instantly caught Doc’s arm.

“I said I don’t need it any more.” He growled Doc strained to get the needle into him but it looked like this seventeen year old boy was stronger then he was. Doc went to stab him with the needle Seth brushed off the stab and hit his chest with a palm strike. Doc flew back and crashed through the wall into the next room.

Seth got off of the bed and fixed the collar on his shirt and brushed the dirt off of it.

“My appointment is over,” He said walking out of the medical room everyone stared at him as he came out. “What?” Instantly everyone went back to h their conversations and whatever they were doing. Stupid doctor trying to stab me with a needle, he stormed out of the break room and into his office. He sat down and took a deep breath and started snoozing.

Jack was supposed to just get inside the warehouse and take that stupid slayer’s dog, but that stupid slayer is too damn smart. When I get my hands on him…he is so going to pay for Jack’s death.

Seth bolted upright again, damn it who the hell is inside my head. He looked up and saw Junior looking worried.

“Seth,” he said slowly, “are you ok?”

“Huh,” he answered “yeah I’m fine just a bad dream, I think…so what’s up?”

“Oh nothing I just heard that you sent your doctor flying through the wall, may I ask why?”

“He insisted on giving me a shot that I really didn’t need anymore.”

“Oh the Vamp shot; I never will understand why he gives it to you monthly he only gives it to me yearly.”

“Wait he said he gives it to everyone monthly.”

“Well then he lied.”

“Some thing tells me that you don’t go in every month either right?”

“Right, wait you mean you don’t have a rare disease that needs to be checked on every month?”

“No, no I don’t”

“Why would Doc lie about that?”

“I wish I knew why.”