Tempest's Poems

Saturday morning, sleeping in,
I had a dream...

A dream that life was perfect and
Everything was calm and peaceful and
You looked in my eyes and
We settled our problems and
You told me you wanted a second chance and
You held me in your arms
For a long,

I believed in dreams,
That they would always come true and
All I had to do was wait.

So I did.
I sat on the couch and
Waited and
Waited and
Waited and...

Nothing happened.
You never came,
We never talked,
You never asked for a second chance,
You never held me in your arms
For a long,

Life was not perfect.

So I decided--
If my dreams don't come true,
I will make them come true.
I stopped waiting
And started doing.

You can't always wait for your dreams to come true.
Sometimes you have to act on them yourself.

I want a second chance.

Given the time,
Given the chance,
You might be mine.
Just save the last dance
For me.

You float 'cross the floor,
Your feet spelling mystical runes on the tiles.
I'm patient, I'm quiet,
I can wait for a while.

Someone else steps up
Before it's my turn
To show you the steps
I faithfully learned.

Given the time,
Given the chance,
You might be mine.
Just save the last dance
For me.

I stand like a statue, a
Noble of sorrow,
Somebody takes you away,
Your grace for to borrow.

A carousel of dancers,
A dizzying shine,
But through the blurred phantoms,
Your eyes meet mine.

Given the time,
Given the chance,
You might be mine.
Just save the last dance
For me.

Your arms reach to me,
An offering, a sign.
My feet move without me,
My brain has gone blind.

We dance through the mirrors
And over the fields
And duck through the woods,
Wild wolves at our heels.

I feel the beat in my chest
And your smile keeps time.
You gave me the chance
And now you are mine.

Given the time,
Given the chance,
You might be mine.
Just save the last dance
For me.

I am covered in Darkness.
Ego sum occulto in obscurum.

Trapped without Light.
Irretitus vacuus lux lucis.

I can't find an exit.
Ego can non reperio an exitus.

I don't know if one exists.
Ego operor ignoro si unus futurus.

I don't need a light to guide myself.
Ego operor non postulo a lux lucis rectum mihi.

Only a hand to lead me out.
Tantum a manus manus protelo mihi sicco.

Travel with me through the Darkness.
Eo me per obscurum.

And we will see the Light together.
Quod nos mos animadverto lux lucis una.
Dashing through the woods
Wooden stake in my hand.
Need to kill this dude
Not as easy as I'd planned.
I am the Chosen One.
Vampires I must smite.
How grim it is to run and sing
A Slaying song tonight!
A piece of glass
On the beach.
Brought by misfortune
And bad intentions
With an unknown path
And influention.

It lies on the sand,
Blue against cream.
All strange edges
And spines
Made sharp
Over time.

A wave washes over
Again and again.
Soft as a susurrus,
Smooth as the sky,
The wave whispers gentle truths
And sometimes a lie.

Time passes on it's own
Slower than slow.
The glass is no longer sharp
And sparkles under the sun.
The wave now knows
Its duty is done.

A child sees the glass,
A piece of sky on the sand.
The child separates it from
The rest of the rocks
And puts it on a shelf
Inside of a box.

The child will look at it
Every now and then.
And though the box will grow dusty
As time will pass,
We will remember what a wave did
To a piece of glass.
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Smooth and warm as candle wax
Light and soft as a she-cat's tracks
The moment when fear peaks in height
This is the texture of the night.

A vampyre whispers her mournful tune
The werewolf sings out to his moon
A bestartled fox cries out in fright
This is the melody of the night.

Come now, my dear,

My love, my treasure.

Though the hills be spread with flames

Come and sit beside me.

Time is short

So short indeed.

Come now, my dear

And be here for me.


Come now, my dear,

My joy, my blessing,

Though the sea hath flood the town

Come and walk beside me.

Time is fast

So fast indeed.

Come now, my dear,

And be here for me.


Come now, my dear,

My friend, my wonder,

Though the sky be raining stones

Come and stand beside me.

Time bears fear

Such fear indeed.

Come now, my dear,

And be here for me.


It's been two minutes

since I found out,

since you said it out loud,

and my tears haven't gone yet.

It's been three days

and you know I found out,

you feel sorry,

and my tears haven't gone yet.

It's been a week now

and you're okay,

you hardly remember your guilt,

and my tears haven't gone yet.

It's been a month

and you've moved on,

you've found a new path,

and my tears haven't gone yet.

It's been a year

and you think of me from time to time,

a distant regret,

and my tears haven't gone yet.

It's been fifty years now

and you've found someone else,

someone to give your heart to,

and my tears haven't gone yet.

I still love you

even if you don't love me.

Time doesn't heal all wounds.

My tears haven't gone yet.

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What are we?

Are we still dreamers and seekers,

eager and curious about the world?

Are we letting our minds loose


By a single opinion?

Are we humans

Who can make up our own minds

As well as

Change them?

Where are we?

Are we in a happy




Do we know our own home

From top to bottom

With closed eyes?

Why do we doubt

Our very own


Rules and stories?

What Happened?

When did we stop

having personal opinions?

When did they become

Public, presses upon us.


What happened to the world

And how

Can I help

Bring us back?



If only day

would go away

and night it would always be.


The stars would shine

'til we all were blind

in a dark and breathable sea.


Unhindered by sight

we can't tell if we're right-

side-up or upside-down.

But Love endures

beyond false cures

because nobody has to drown.

I often ponder

the sea far yonder

where my dark home remains.

A ballad you'll find

in the land of the blind

and Love is its refrain.



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January morn,

Six-something all by myself

Watching the sun rise.

I am all alone.

The quiet peace is nice but

I'd like company.

Can't you hear it?
Can't you hear it in the rain
and the snow
and the wind
and all things cold and bright?
No-one listens these days.
No-one wants to.
You can't hear it.
You don't hear my smile in the storm.
When I look in your eyes,
my vision starts to shine
like ice crystals,
cold and bright.
You don't hear the beat of my
in the four a.m. silence
We're both awake,
but I'm the only one listening.
You don't hear my mind sing
when I see you.
The tune is sharp and stuttering,
in D minor,
cold and bright.
There is great clarity in the
chill of life
with nothing to melt the
No legato whole notes to
smooth the tone.
Pourquoi ne pas vous écouter?
Why won't you listen?

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Little Hearts beat so foolishly, thinking

they know what's right.

Maybe they do

Maybe they don't

and they always change their minds.

You can't rely on them, because they

don't know what they're doing.

They'll break your heart, too,

even if they don't want to hurt you.

That's their game, their make-believe,

pretending to be grown up.

They seek

other Little Hearts,

ones as foolish as they,

with the hope that they might

become friends,

grow up together,

and become less foolish, more decided.

If Little Hearts can do one thing,

it's dream.

That's all they do.

A different dream

every day

every hour.

Shifting colors, lights, and feelings.

Makes a lovely show, doesn't it?

But nothing is learned from it,

because Little Hearts

don't take chances.




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I walk


Along the shingle

Of a springtime sea


I twirl my feet

And toss my hair

And a smile plays upon my lips


The sun warms my fingertips

And the raindrops cool my brow

And I feel the wind's salty kiss

And from the distance,

A childs lilting voice.


I feel of the sand

And the breeze

And the air

And the rain

And the spray

And I dance


Upon the shingle

Of a springtime sea



I wander alone
unhindered, unbound.
I wander alone.

I didn't always.
When was that?
A day, a year,
A lifetime ago?
It feels like more
It feels like less
My heart knows
I have always.

The wet streets
are gold in the lamplight.
I have rain in my eyes
Or are they tears?

My mind is an unraveled torrent
Of whys, hows,
My heart does not care.
It is an iron shell,
The inside all dust.

The firery blasts
Shake the forests
Of their silver leaves.
No more forests.
No more sunrises.
No more sky.
Only me.

I travel,
To run away.
To find the others,
The wanderers,
The deceivers,
The fighters,
The others.

I see you,
Standing there.
But I'm not here.
You hold my hand,
But I'm a lie.
I hold you in my arms,
But I don't feel anything.
You say goodbye.
I'm real.
I'm everything.
I'm lost.

I wander alone.

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A green fire under
Lavender skies,
The ground sings so sweet,
Yet the Blue Robin won't fly.

Violet daisies bloom on
Turquoise mountains high,
The trees whisper low,
Yet the Blue Robin won't fly.

A silver smile,
A rainbow eye,
An ivory breath,
The Blue Robin flies.

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You knew it wasn't necessary
And yet you did it anyway.

How could you not tell me?
We trusted each other, right?
And yet you didn't even struggle,
no, you didn't even fight.

What will I tell my friend?
Will he understand?
He'll say you need to get a grip.
More likely, he'll say *I* need to get a grip.

Enjoy my life,
how can I now?
I don't know how to feel.
What you're putting me through
I can not tell
what is lies and what is real

I could've healed you
and none of this would have happened
and I don't know what to say.
It's like I'm on a boat
on a misty sea,
watching the land get farther away.

It's good that I have the right to be mad,
because I am.
But that's not all.
I'm also scared, confused, and worried
about what will happen next or now.
What will happen now?
Can I forgive you?
Will you forgive me?
What will happen now?
If you were to lose your sight,
your eyes would become the stars,
so that you could look upon the

If you were to lose your speech,
your voice would become the wind,
so you could sing though the

If you were to lose your feet,
your body would become the Moon,
so that you could float forever above the world.

If I were to lose you forever,
your soul would become the sky,
so that I could lie on the wet grass
on a spring night and
see you watching over me,
whispering into my ears,
following me wherever I go,
and I could look up into your soul
and know that you loved me as the