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Alone in a cell

Of stone and darkness

Shackles on my wrists

As chains hold me inside blackness

Shackles made of sin

Chains made of hate

The thought of salvation

I fear it’s too late

I wasn’t doing all the things

That I knew I should

So now I’m scarred by the sins

That hurt so good

I look up at the ceiling

As lonely as could be

As I cried a piercing cry

“Can you hear me!?”

“Can you hear my pain,

Can you hear my sorrow?

I stand here before you,

But I won’t be tomorrow.”

“I’m eaten by hate,

Consumed by fear.

I can’t even remember,

How I even got here.”

“Have mercy on this

Lost and confused soul.

I’m just an empty void

Trying to be whole.”

“Please hear me out

As I pour out my soul.

My whole life is

Spiraling out of control.”

“Please I’m begging you now

In all of my strife

Better late than never

I need you in my life!”

Now I’m kneeling on the floor

Rivers running from my eyes

I’m tired of where I am

I’m done living these lies

I’m a boy lost in darkness

And I wanna be found

As I lay in my pool of tears

I hear a heavenly sound

As a beautiful light

Comes into view

But I knew I wasn’t crazy

The enemy saw it too

As the darkness growls

As the shackles and chains pull me back

But I choose to fight the

Until finally there’s a crack

Chains fall to the floor

Shackles lose their grip

As I walk to the light

My feet begin to slip

Until a firm arm catches me

I look up and see an angle’s face

I saw Jesus Christ as he said

“Come my child lets leave this place.”

As I walked away

I turned to see

The enemy in the darkness

Beckoning and calling me

Promising these things

These things full of conceit

Weaving all these tales

These tales full of deceit

As I approached him

He began to grow a grin

He looked at me proud

As if I was going to sin

I looked at him in disgust

As his eyes filled with dread

He knew what I was thinking

As I looked at him ad said

“Thank you for making me suffer,

Thank you for all of the pain.

Thank you for seeing me worthy,

Of all your hate and distain.”


“I am a temple of God

And I will be his light.

As long as you live

I will continue to fight.”


“As soon as I turn my back,

I will help those lost in blackness.

Because I was there before I will,

Tell them this diary of this boy lost in darkness.”