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All dressed       in black
never looking back
she stands alone
just body tone  says
stay away
stay away
Never having them
or even friends
always far away
more from day to day
watching life just      slip away
makes her want to cry
never even noticed
She's the   Vampire Girl
in her own little world
looking for a friend
one who'll be there till the end
Vampire girl, vampire girl
afraid to show
what's hid below
she's been hurt so much
doesn't even trust
Vampire girl
wating on the world
to open it's arms
without her harm
the mistakes she's made
don't begin to aid
they keep her back
now she begins to lack
the best years of our lives
are to her just one more try
She's the Vampire girl
in her own little world
looking for a friend
one who'll be there till the end
Vampire girl, vampire girl
afraid to show
what's hid below
she's been hurt so much
doesn't even trust
All dressed    in black
always looking back
she stands alone
just body tone    says
I've loads to say but
stay away
I'm afraid so
stay away

No one said love was safe

But we have it anyway


I am your soft place to fall

but is that really all?

I’m only your second place

just being used as a brace.

Someone who will never move.

Someone you will never loose.


I don’t want to be your safety blanket

but I don’t know if you can take it.

I’ve always been just one behind,

always at the back of your mind.


You’re running around

not caring if your found

Everyone for you is scared

you don’t even seem to care

Even if I won’t leave

you still need to see


I don’t want to be your safety blanket

but I don’t know if you can take it.

I’ve always been just one behind,

always at the back of your mind.


You need to break down the wall

Get back on your feet after you fall

we won’t be far away

and I want to hear what you say

I want to see if you can make your own way.

Without your safety blanket

If I let my mind wander
to see what I'll find
and maybe I'll stay just a little bit longer
If I let my mind wonder
Let's see where I go
nothing's in a straight row
just run with the flow
and maybe I'll stay just a little bit longer
If I let my mind wonder

Don’t call me your daughter

Don’t call me your girl,

Don’t call me your baby

Don’t call me your world.


I can’t be controlled

I’m not a toy

I don’t get dragged around

I’m not the least bit coy


Sitting in the car

Waiting to go somewhere

Deep down length questioned

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Falling, falling down a well

Oh please, oh please do not tell


I wonder, wonder where it goes

I bet, I bet nobody knows


Ending, ending, I wonder where

Perhaps, perhaps, I’ll see a bear


How nice, how nice, everything here

Just past, just past, a heard of deer.


Woke up, woke up, in my bed

Oh look, oh look, it was all in my head.


All I want is to

Be all alone, by myself.

That’s all I want to do

I need some time to think.


The one closest to me

would not trust me to walk

around, as a girl who’s free

to go where I please.


All I need to do

Is relax and be alone

No one know what I go through

Just to please one.


Why can’t they see

That they are tearing me apart

I need to save the fee

Of my soul and sanity.

Hearts are torn

but they mend.

Bones are shattered

but can be put back together.

Souls can be broken

but they don’t heal.


So treat me gently

don’t break my heart.

Please leave my bones

intact and connected.


If you break

my heart I will

gather up the pieces

and move on.


If my bone gets

snapped I will find

another person for

my affections to please.


But if you break my

soul I will not survive.

Things will become worthless

and I will die.

If I were a vampyre I’d drink you’re blood for a week just to hear you talk even if it meant you’d hate me.

If I were a werewolf I’d phase near you just so you’d know what you’re love got you into

If I were a zombie I’d take you out to dinner in between the morgue and the graveyard just so I could say we had fresh food.

If I were a ghost I’d follow you all day and night just so I’d be able to see you’re face even as I slip from you’re memory.

If I were a gorgon I’d wear a mask even though you’d laugh at me just so I could know you knew I existed.


Before you say who

I am is evil for what

I need to eat, find out how


And also find out that

my state of being was

forced upon me, if it was

possible then I would reverse it.


Everyone that meets me and

finds out my state, sometimes

called a sickness, people will turn

and run, this is the worst for of

prejudice I have ever seen


and no one even knows.

The lightning illuminates

a strip of pink

with deep grey bubbling clouds

framing it above and below.


It only lasts a

second but the

majesty remains


Serene as
can be

calm as
the ocean

spooky as
a graveyard

self-assured as
a cat

mystic as
a dragon

enfolds me in
mothering arms

assures me more
than anything else

Laugher is the key

To all that surrounds me.

If joy is not yours

Perhaps you should go to other shores.

Now I am a happy one

Please try to make a silly pun.

Join me here in all my fun

For it has only just begun

Smile so large it’ll never end

And there will be nothing to mend.

Darkness has finally fallen

I may now walk outside

Without fear of my life.


Even though there are

Many more robbers

Who roam the night.


I’m not afraid of them.

I’m fast and would most

Likely spot them far off.


Because of the way I am

I have excellent eye sight

And can see well in the Dark.


In some areas I could walk

Through the city blindfolded

And my hands behind my back.


Without meaning to my

Feet had lead me to a

Spot I had loved for a long time.


I shook my head in

Disbelief. My feet had

taken me to a small pool.


The water was still,

Reflecting the silvery

Moonlight. I gave a small chuckle


I had stopped at the

perfect time, my feet were

just touching the water.


It made me laught and

Smile, first time in

Quite a long time. It felt good.


A small snake skittered

On the leaves. An owl

Hooted. My nocturnal friends.


You never fully forget that

You’re one of them but just

Then I came close.


I was grinning again. I felt…

Like…myself! I couldn’t resist.

My shoes got flung off into the underbrush.


I spun around my pool.

I was laughing and smiling.

I would remember this forever.


Quite literally.

Time and time again


It has been two

Long, horrible days

Since I last walked outside.

I figured the best way to

Keep everyone safe was

Not to go past the door.

But if I don’t go soon I

Fear I will go crazy

And ruin my safety plan.

What would be best

Is if everyone who was not

Like me would stay inside.

Not constanly, oh no! that

Would be impossible.

Just during the dark..

I’ve not bee the

Way I am not

For long, less than a year.

It doesn’t really matter

I’ll nevger age now

I’ve become one of them.

I’m afraid to say

Anything for fear I will

Sentence someone to this horrid fate.

I have two hours

Left before I can leave.

The longest part of the day.

Now theres one hour

And forty-five minutes

I need someone to talk to.

But who would want to

Talk with me

Being the night freak?

One hour and thirty minutes.

If someone actually did

Talk to me they’d become suspicious.

It’s obviously what would

Happen, inevitable even, I mean

Really, why else would I be out at dark only?

Mostly I’m putting this off.

One hour and twenty four minutes.

I don’t want to be let down. Again.

The pleasure of

freedom is like

freshwater taffy

Every time I have

freedom it’s a

different experience

Sometimes I will

run fast and far

others I sit and play

Nothing can define

who I am except

for me and it’ll stay

If only everyone

saw life as an

opportunity not a hin’rince

I don’t know what’s

around me



I don’t really care.


If I were to care

I would look around

I would smile

I would laugh


But I don’t care


I want to be alone

to be myself you can’t

follow me.


They say my life

is whatever I

make of it


But I don’t really care


You can do what you want

so my life will be better.

incase you were wondering

you’re making it worse.


But I don’t really care

you think you know me

you claim you do

but you don’t even

know my favorite star.

you think you know me

but all you know is

what I want you to

you claim you know me

but you only know what

I say and that’s

skin deep

you want to know me

but only to tell

everyone else the

secrets I keep.

you say you know me

but all you know

is my skin

You know my

eye& hair color,

my freckles, my voice

but you don’t

look beyond to know to know Me

If you knew me

you would see the

pain I went through

every day

If you knew me

you would hear

my anguished screams

If you knew me

you would feel.

the anger and pain

falling off me

in waves

But you don’t know me

so you think everything’s

fine & dandy.

you don’t know me

at all, you know

my skin for I

How do you really

know what is truth?


If it is anything that’s

not a lie, how do you tell?


If it’s everything that

can be proven  then

what about thoughts?

I’m gonna let it out

gonna say goodbye

Even though I’ll miss you

I’ve gotta let you fly

Eyes are the gateway

to the soul.


Everything that .

has ever been

will show in

your soul.


Eyes are the gateway

to the soul


Every thought

that has ever crossed

your mind will show,

written on you soul

with fire


Eyes are the gateway

to the soul.


No matter what

eyes are the gateway

to the soul.

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