As everything turns grey
The world becomes afraid
Seeing the waves toss
What have we really loss?
Everything is not what it seems
What does it really mean to be free?
World is full of choices
Its full of voices
The really needed ones are silent
Hiding among the violent
Drowning within the waves
No one is truly brave
Water sinks in
So does every sin
Let Go of it all
Letting rain fall
Under the sea we are fear
Won't rise til its all clear
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I'd prefer that you tell me the truth
instead of giving me lies
I know I don't have the chance to love you
Because your heart already has someone
and there's no chance he'll ever leave
but I will still love you
and my heart will ask for anyone else
It hurts that I cant give you
everything that I have 
and it may always be that way
 and every day i cry
over the same thing and i'll eel you
that it hurts
to not have the key to your heart
As the clouds comes in
They cover every sin
Letting the darkness rise
And let everyone lie
The sky is covered away
No sun to show the day
Happiness slowly goes
And Nobody knows
What happens when its all gone
Seeing what's wrong
Having no bright light
Getting closer to night
The clouds release all
When rain starts to Fall
The world falls still
 And let the water fill
                      Letting everything wash away
                Forgetting the light of day


My lonely heart

Is falling apart

My heartaches

With every heartbreak

My time with you

Can never see it through

You Run

Means that we're done


It's too soon

To see us bloom


Runaway, everyday

Lonely heart, lonely ways

See it true, see it new

Only you, never you

My pain is you're game

Now my life won't be the same

With this heartache


My mind is twisted

But really gifted

You're pain

Is my rain

You're shame

Puts me to blame

You win

And I sin


Call it what you will

But at least stay still



We put everything to shame

With this little game

My life is gone

When you are wrong

Call it as you see it

Weakens as you see it

You're my misery

And its only me

Chorus (2x)


My lonely heart

Is falling apart

You're little game

Puts me to shame


I can't let out anything

It hard to say everything

So I just write it all down

I do it when no ones around

I can't keep building everything up inside

But I can't show my other side

Cause its what I'm good at

You know I'm always going to be stuck in black

If you can't handle it

Then stop being around it


Look at me

What do you see?

I'm nowhere near perfect

But I know its not worth it

I try to make the best of me

Because its who I want to be

Stop all the trying

Cause You know I'm not lying

So just Let me be


I don't want to be like everyone else

And everyone says I'm something else

I know I am not normal

I don't do anything formal

This is the way I live

I don't regret what I did

My past makes me who I am today

So I don't care what you have to say

Cause if you can't handle it

Then stop being around it


I hope you will see

That this is who I'll always be



I won't ever regret it

So I hope you can handle it

Cause this is me

And this is what makes me free

Chorus (2x)






What is a Haiku?

I will show you a Haiku

This is a Haiku


Haikus are so fun

But sometimes they don't make sense



I have a Haiku

With a fabulous ending

I forgot this line


A frog sits and waits

For a new jourmey to start

Leap you silly frog


This is my real life

And I realize

That I can't fuck it up

So I'll just suck it up

I'll deal with you

Because You know what's true

I may want you

Or just want whats good for you


Even though you push me away

I know you need me everyday


You say you hate me

Its still a strong feeling for me

I'll take what I can get

Because you're afraid to let

Me in to your life

But I'm helping you pull away from the knife


It hard enough to watch you bleed

Its hard enough for you to see

But what else can I do?

What can I do for you?

Cause I can't carry the world on my shoulders

You put me away like a folder

I won't go until you fully given up on yourself

And I want you all to myself


I may be a fool

But I'll try my best to reach you



This is beyond me

But its whaht I see

What I want to be

When you want me

I'll always be there

I'll be the one that will care

I don't have it made

But I'll keep you away from the blade


Let your failures go

And just flow



You start to see

You only see me

You start to change

Nothing feels strange

I'm no longer being pushed away

But you still need me everyday

Just so you know

I won't go


You no longer have a hate feeling for me

You can finally see

No matter what you go through

That I'm always going to be here for you

Cause I'll take what I can get

You should've known that when we first met




With all thats said and done

Nothing can be undone

For what its worth

I always put you first

But time has come

For me to run

And I'll do what I need to do

To make it through

Forget what was there

Cause Now it's just not fair


All I have left

Is the next step


I thought you knew

That I'm not you

Love you can't buy

Or was that a lie?

Cause you taught me that

But I guess you forgot about that

So why don't you forget about me?

Or is that hard for you to see?


You"ll always be missin

Something that won't ever be forgiven

Quit bringing me to the top

Cause that has to stop

I miss what I had before

But you don't want that anymore

You think I'm grown

But I'm still unknown

I still have things to learn

But I'm left burn


I can feel agony

But you can feel tragedy



I hope you know that I won't be here forever

And I'll leave this letter

Telling you everything

Because you don't know anything

There's just too much to handle

Time to light out the candle

And I'll be long gone

So all you have is this song

It'll be the only way to remember me

Maybe now its your time to see

Chorus (2x)

For what its worth

I used to put you first



I want to seperate my soul

And have everything unfold

I'm tired of watching you go

How could you not know

The pain you put me through

Its all because of you

That I hold everything in

And why I have all of my sins


Its always going to grow

Because what you don't know


It doesn't matter anymore

There's nothing worth fighting for

I may be a mess

But I don't think less

Your already one day too late

I guess that has always been your fate


I shouldn't be the one to try

I shouldn't have to deal with your lies

When your not around

I'm always brought down

I live with the regrets

And remain upset

I hope that you see

That broken is what I'll always be


I will never trust again

I'm always stuck in s dead end


All chances are gone

Its not wrong

I'm not going to salvage anything

Because you think of me as nothing


You'll be the last to know

That you are so low

But I'll be the first to say

That I will go from day to day

Living my life without you

Your life is going to be blue

Your going to miss me

And miss what could be

Chorus (2x)


Show me how to lie

You’re getting better every time

Everyday day you’d say goodbye

“Hiding from us isn’t a crime”


So now you answer me

Why you were never ever there

Could it really just be?

That you could never ever care


So now I walk away

As you watch today

Great work you did

You see you’ve lost your kid


Behind a thousand lies

You’ve created your disguise

No one ever knew

If what you’d say was ever true

So lie daddy lie

You won’t get a second try

As we watch you in disgust

You’ve just lost all of our trust


Show me how to hide

You’re getting better every time

Lost inside all of your pride

“But lying isn’t a crime”


So now you can see

That I could never really care

What becomes of you and me

When you were never really there


So now I walk away

As you watch today

Great work you did

You see you’ve lost your kid


Behind a thousand lies

You’ve created your disguise

No one ever knew

If what you’d say was ever true

So run daddy run

From all that you have done

Run and hide behind your lies

While everyone else cries


So now I can see

What’s always just been true

It’s never you and me

It’s always just been you


So lie daddy lie

You won’t get a second try

As we watch you in disgust

You’ve just lost all of our trust

And run daddy run

From all that you have done

Run and hide behind your lies

While everyone else cries


Behind a thousand lies

You’ve created your disguise

No one ever knew

If what you’d say was ever true

So now answer this

Oh father that I miss

What was going through your mind

Whenever you left me behind


Tell me I'm not a liar

Tell Me I'll see it higher

I'm only pretending to be

Who You want me to be

I won't ever fade

My life is so grey

I can't take it anymore

My life is so tore


What should I do?

Why is it only you?


I'm broken apart

I have no heart

Its so degrading

To see me fading

But its all I can do

To stay away from you


You tell me where and when

Forgetting what happened then

Only caring about yourself

Forgetting everyone else

How can you be so cruel?

When we are the only ones being true

You keep walking away

Leaving me alone everyday


With all our history

You are my misery



I'm on the edge of hating you

Why can't you see it through?

If you don't fix it

I'm going to lose it

I'll be the one leaving you behind

Because of all your crimes

I don't want to do this to you

But its what I have to do


Your voice is cold

I no longer will hold



I hope you see

All your cruelty

Seeing that you'll always be alone

And I won't pick up that phone

I'm tired of hoping, I'm done waiting

Because its so frustrating

This will be my last goodbye

I really hope that it'll make you cry

Chrous (2x)


When something happens to you

You try to see that its untrue

Making it all go away

And not see the world so grey

Can't hide it

Try to fight it

Its hard to make it go

And see it grow

You hate it so much

You make a fuss

But no matter what you do

It's always going to happen out of the blue

It may be a hard

But it'll get you far

You can always learn from it

Even if its hard to deal with it

It won't ever be fake

So just deal with the mistake

I'm tired of living lies

Caught up in my disguise


I act like I want you back

But I don't

I feel as though you're about to crack

But you won't


I'm tired of living lies

Caught up in my disguise


I broke your heart

and then mine

I tripped over the start

but i'll be fine


I've slipped on my lies

i've broken my disguise


I didn't have anything to give

I apologize

I don't know where to live

I'll hide behind the lies

I couldn't think of where to start

I guess the beginning is the best

What force could of pulled us apart

What made us forget the rest


Two years we endureded the test

Words peirced us like a dart

In my aching chest

How can i say I love you.....and still break your heart

Deep into a dying day

I stepped out of an innocent heart

Cold stone becomes my grave

As his lies just tear me apart


Go light break thy heart

Go light be thy life today


I wish i had an angel

For this moment of love

Is your Virgin Mary

Whatching me from above

I'v been pulled into lust

I've turned angel wings to dust

I know I need an angel tonight


I've searched for the golden gates

I can't judge how far i have strayed

I've searched for a place I belong

I can't judge how hard i have prayed


Go light shatter dark

Go light burn the lies


I wish I had an angel

In this moment of love

Is your Virgin Mary

Watching me from above

I've been burned by the light

I've been stung by the smite

I'll pray for an angel tonight

All dressed       in black
never looking back
she stands alone
just body tone  says
stay away
stay away
Never having them
or even friends
always far away
more from day to day
watching life just      slip away
makes her want to cry
never even noticed
She's the   Vampire Girl
in her own little world
looking for a friend
one who'll be there till the end
Vampire girl, vampire girl
afraid to show
what's hid below
she's been hurt so much
doesn't even trust
Vampire girl
wating on the world
to open it's arms
without her harm
the mistakes she's made
don't begin to aid
they keep her back
now she begins to lack
the best years of our lives
are to her just one more try
She's the Vampire girl
in her own little world
looking for a friend
one who'll be there till the end
Vampire girl, vampire girl
afraid to show
what's hid below
she's been hurt so much
doesn't even trust
All dressed    in black
always looking back
she stands alone
just body tone    says
I've loads to say but
stay away
I'm afraid so
stay away

As I lay there in suffering and pain

As I face all the sins i"ve done

When there's nothing left to gain

I find its easier to run


No one can see how i feel

So I sing a new song

To find a place to heal

To find somewhere I belong


As I fall on my knees

As i bow to the Father and the Son

I gain access through his keys

To him Ieagarly run


His pressence floods my soul

Through him i found what I've wanted all along

At last my broken heart is now whole

At last i have found somewhere Ibelong

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Life is Unexpected

Sometimes it can't be selected

Nothing can be done

It can't be unsung

Walking the line

FInding Time

Realizing what's right

Staying out of fights

Pass the mirror's view

Finding what's true

It may be selected

But Life will be unexpected


All the cracks we stepped on

All The streets we walked on

Had some type of cause

Nothing ever stays on a pause

You feel a little bit scared

I'm trying to care

But what is between you and I?

Can't seem to get a line



One step closer to the edge

Holding onto the ledge


Do you feel the earth shake?

Never been so awake

There are more cracks on the ground

All of us falling down

Falling brick by brick

Between us this is one big earthquake



It happens so fast

But it seems to last

Disaster breaks out

Hear all the shouts

You feel unsteady

I'm not ready

For what's about to come

Everything is undone



Look at us

There's always some type of  fuss





We may think the same way

But sometimes I wish I was away

Every problem feels like a crack on the ground

They're always gonna be around

You feel right

I want to be out of sight

Feel another big shake

Bringing me awake


Chorus (2x)



This seems wrong

But I can't go along

Always scrambling around

Finding it hard to balance on the ground





No one said love was safe

But we have it anyway


I am your soft place to fall

but is that really all?

I’m only your second place

just being used as a brace.

Someone who will never move.

Someone you will never loose.


I don’t want to be your safety blanket

but I don’t know if you can take it.

I’ve always been just one behind,

always at the back of your mind.


You’re running around

not caring if your found

Everyone for you is scared

you don’t even seem to care

Even if I won’t leave

you still need to see


I don’t want to be your safety blanket

but I don’t know if you can take it.

I’ve always been just one behind,

always at the back of your mind.


You need to break down the wall

Get back on your feet after you fall

we won’t be far away

and I want to hear what you say

I want to see if you can make your own way.

Without your safety blanket


This game is getting of hand

Too many demands

I was still holding on

When you couldn't go on

I'm not the only that makes  mistakes

What I do is not fake

Why are y ou making this hard?

You're not gonna go far



These things on my mind

Are falling behind



What I meant to say

Is blocking the ways

It's not the same

When you feel framed

I said I was sorry to be brave

But it wasn't what I meant to say



You are being so low

I'm not the one that let go

Breaking down

Coming around

You're freaking out

Shouting all about

Bringing down everything

Is harder than it seems



I'm trying to find

I think I'm losing my mind





The words won't come out right

Stuck in this fight

The words you need to hear

Is hard for me to say  my dear

God please help me

I need to be free

Time to let go

And let you hear the words so will know


Chorus (2x)



Memories that fall into this paper

Everything use to be so greater

Can't believe it's been so long

And now everyone is now gone

Holding onto these memories

Something I can't ever leave

So many good times we had

But thinking about them kind makes me sad


Look through old memories

Is so good to see


Looking at the pictures of you

It always helps me make it through

Sometimes seeing a smile

it's been a while

But seeing these pictures makes me wanna cry

Remembering the last time we said good-bye


Remember all the fun we did together

Will always stay forever

All of our hangouts

All the laughs and shouts

We were always so happy

There is so much to see

Miss everyone in this photograph

But it's time to let go of the past


Every memory we made

Will forever be ingrave



Miss the times we shared

Sometimes its hard to bare

But it was nice to see again

What we all did in the end

Time to move on

Can no longer hold on

Until we meet up once more

Got to do what we were always fighting for

Chorus (2x)


Memories that fall into this paper

Everything use to be so greater

Can't believe it's been so long

And everyone is now gone


Life has just begun

But there is only one

Don't let it slip through you

Even if you don't know what to do

Just have that feeling

Have some meaning

Break free from all

Now you're in freefall



Fall from grace

Have something to embrace

Take something to be part of

Only look above



Don't let anything sink

Take a second to think

Do all you can to be

All you need to see

Is only what you looking for

Let go of what happened before



It's time to brake

Taking all I can take

Nothing matters anymore

Except what I'm fighting for

Follow the dream

Forget what I have seen

Forget what people say abut me

It's my turn to be free



COntrol the faith

Before its too late

Making a name

It won't be the same





Find a way

To break away

Fight for our rights

Can't lose sight

Make our own fate

It's our turn for the take

This is our time now

Don't wait to be found





Take it all

Don't let it fall

Forget the whispers around

Get right back up from the ground


Chorus (2x)


The world stops turning around

I can't move my feet off the ground

Life is what you make it

Never took the time to take it

You were always there for me

When things were down

You would pick me up off the ground



Nothing won't ever be the same

I cry whenever I hear your name

You were a hero in my eyes

But where does all of that lie



Everything feels all wrong

Because you're gone

Nothing felt so low

When you were let go

But you'll always be in my memories

I hope your the one watching over me


V2: He was the first to be gone

Later she went on

I was too young when you left

But I will never forget

You still mean so much to me

Always in my heart you'll be

What I'll give to hear your voice again

I still believe this isn't the end



Rest in peace

Are the words I say the least

My heart is where I'll always keep you

Always you'll stay true





It's hard to let go

Everything seem so slow

He was like a father to me

She was another mother to see

What I see are my guardian angels

To get me out of any tangle

Never forgotten and always missed

When time comes I'll follow onto the llist





If I let my mind wander
to see what I'll find
and maybe I'll stay just a little bit longer
If I let my mind wonder
Let's see where I go
nothing's in a straight row
just run with the flow
and maybe I'll stay just a little bit longer
If I let my mind wonder


Verse 1:

I’m starting to become something I’m not

Hoping that I don’t ever get caught

All I know is that you’re gone

I start to see that I don’t belong

Without you I’m always lost

I always feel like I am tossed

You were not supposed to leave that day

I see that you are fading away



Always crying to the thought of it

The thought always makes me feel sick

I just need to know you’re here

Cause without you all I see is fear

I don’t want see that it’s true

Because all I have is a ghost of you


Verse 2:

I’m broken up into two

I always feel like a fool

My heart can’t take the pain

Everything disappears in the rain

You weren’t supposed to leave that way

There’s nothing for me to say

You were not supposed to leave that day

I see that you are fading away




Verse 3:

I’m not looking for anything but you

I don’t want to see what’s true

Falling apart day after day

Afraid of what others have to say

Can’t take it that you’re gone

Feels as if all of this is wrong

I wonder if you’re here with me

From the cold of the air I breathe


Chorus (2x)

Alone in a cell

Of stone and darkness

Shackles on my wrists

As chains hold me inside blackness

Shackles made of sin

Chains made of hate

The thought of salvation

I fear it’s too late

I wasn’t doing all the things

That I knew I should

So now I’m scarred by the sins

That hurt so good

I look up at the ceiling

As lonely as could be

As I cried a piercing cry

“Can you hear me!?”

“Can you hear my pain,

Can you hear my sorrow?

I stand here before you,

But I won’t be tomorrow.”

“I’m eaten by hate,

Consumed by fear.

I can’t even remember,

How I even got here.”

“Have mercy on this

Lost and confused soul.

I’m just an empty void

Trying to be whole.”

“Please hear me out

As I pour out my soul.

My whole life is

Spiraling out of control.”

“Please I’m begging you now

In all of my strife

Better late than never

I need you in my life!”

Now I’m kneeling on the floor

Rivers running from my eyes

I’m tired of where I am

I’m done living these lies

I’m a boy lost in darkness

And I wanna be found

As I lay in my pool of tears

I hear a heavenly sound

As a beautiful light

Comes into view

But I knew I wasn’t crazy

The enemy saw it too

As the darkness growls

As the shackles and chains pull me back

But I choose to fight the

Until finally there’s a crack

Chains fall to the floor

Shackles lose their grip

As I walk to the light

My feet begin to slip

Until a firm arm catches me

I look up and see an angle’s face

I saw Jesus Christ as he said

“Come my child lets leave this place.”

As I walked away

I turned to see

The enemy in the darkness

Beckoning and calling me

Promising these things

These things full of conceit

Weaving all these tales

These tales full of deceit

As I approached him

He began to grow a grin

He looked at me proud

As if I was going to sin

I looked at him in disgust

As his eyes filled with dread

He knew what I was thinking

As I looked at him ad said

“Thank you for making me suffer,

Thank you for all of the pain.

Thank you for seeing me worthy,

Of all your hate and distain.”


“I am a temple of God

And I will be his light.

As long as you live

I will continue to fight.”


“As soon as I turn my back,

I will help those lost in blackness.

Because I was there before I will,

Tell them this diary of this boy lost in darkness.”


Saturday morning, sleeping in,
I had a dream...

A dream that life was perfect and
Everything was calm and peaceful and
You looked in my eyes and
We settled our problems and
You told me you wanted a second chance and
You held me in your arms
For a long,

I believed in dreams,
That they would always come true and
All I had to do was wait.

So I did.
I sat on the couch and
Waited and
Waited and
Waited and...

Nothing happened.
You never came,
We never talked,
You never asked for a second chance,
You never held me in your arms
For a long,

Life was not perfect.

So I decided--
If my dreams don't come true,
I will make them come true.
I stopped waiting
And started doing.

You can't always wait for your dreams to come true.
Sometimes you have to act on them yourself.

I want a second chance.

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The clouds gather

And the rain burns warm,

But The Rose blossoms in the storm.

The lightning shreds

And leaves are torn,

And The Rose blossoms from their scorn.

The ice strikes

And the winds wail,

But The Rose endures through their hail.

The children trample

The children brawl

And The Rose stood above them all

Verse 1:

You showed me something that I can't see

That something was me

The walls I built around me have fallen away

By you because of what you have to say

I don't know what you've done with me

But you showed me what I have to see

You gave me a reason to break away

From the place I always like to stay

But then I woke up and you were gone

I should have know that you were wrong



I let you in my mind

When I should have left you behind

Regreting everything I said to you

Should have seen that you were a tool

Can't believe I actually thought you would stay

And Now I'm stuck in the day after yesterday


Verse 2:

This is why I keep everything in

Tired of all the times I gave in

All the bullshit you told me

Didn't know why I just didn't leave

You were lying from the start

Now I'm starting to fall apart

Give me a reason why this happened now

But you are no longer around




Verse 3:

You try to come back with open arms

But I only see you as an alarm

You say you made a mistake

But now it's mine for the take

I won't give in to the tool

I now see the truth in you



You thought I'll come back to you

But you are such a fool

You are nothing without me

But I don't give a shit so I'll leave

Before I go, there's one thing I have to say

Is that you are now stuck in the day after yesterday

Verse 1:

Everything around me starts to fall out of place

I have no more room, no more space

I can't get out without you

It's my fault for being such a fool

I just need to know you'll stay

Please don't ever fade away

I know that I was wrong

I'm starting to see that you're gone



You're falling out of sight

Why is this happening tonigh?

Please don't walk away

Just hear what I have to say

Stay with me so you can see

Stop falling out of sight from me


Verse 2:

You're always on my mind

Can't wonder if you're leaving me behind

I think you're making a mistake

Because I know this isn't fake

Letting go is not what I see

I don't want you to leave

I know that I was wrong

Even though I'm starting to see that you're gone




Verse 3:

Can't you just see

That  this is hard for me

Letting go is not that easy to do

I don't  want to ask why I fell for you

How about you look me in the eyes

And tell me that your feelings didn't die

I feel like you're running away

From what I have to say


Chorus (2x)



Verse 1:

Dark figures comes with outstretched hands

Making it's way through the darkness

Trying to runaway from the dark man

Can't take the risk to think less

Stop to see it's only a dream

Laughing to yourself because it's fake

The man won't ever be seen

Thinking that it's your turn to take



Laughing in the face of a nightmare

Taking the time to walk on by

The dark man doesn't ever scare

Nobody won't ever die

Making your way to the place

To see the dark man choke

Being the one to say in it's face

That death is a joke


Verse 2:

Coming Out of the shadows

Bringing hell out from underground

The lights go down through the windows

Out of the corner the man comes around

One problem is that the light is still here

Fading away from the distance

The man isn't something to fear

No one will show resistance


Chorus (2x)

Given the time,
Given the chance,
You might be mine.
Just save the last dance
For me.

You float 'cross the floor,
Your feet spelling mystical runes on the tiles.
I'm patient, I'm quiet,
I can wait for a while.

Someone else steps up
Before it's my turn
To show you the steps
I faithfully learned.

Given the time,
Given the chance,
You might be mine.
Just save the last dance
For me.

I stand like a statue, a
Noble of sorrow,
Somebody takes you away,
Your grace for to borrow.

A carousel of dancers,
A dizzying shine,
But through the blurred phantoms,
Your eyes meet mine.

Given the time,
Given the chance,
You might be mine.
Just save the last dance
For me.

Your arms reach to me,
An offering, a sign.
My feet move without me,
My brain has gone blind.

We dance through the mirrors
And over the fields
And duck through the woods,
Wild wolves at our heels.

I feel the beat in my chest
And your smile keeps time.
You gave me the chance
And now you are mine.

Given the time,
Given the chance,
You might be mine.
Just save the last dance
For me.

I am covered in Darkness.
Ego sum occulto in obscurum.

Trapped without Light.
Irretitus vacuus lux lucis.

I can't find an exit.
Ego can non reperio an exitus.

I don't know if one exists.
Ego operor ignoro si unus futurus.

I don't need a light to guide myself.
Ego operor non postulo a lux lucis rectum mihi.

Only a hand to lead me out.
Tantum a manus manus protelo mihi sicco.

Travel with me through the Darkness.
Eo me per obscurum.

And we will see the Light together.
Quod nos mos animadverto lux lucis una.

Taking One Big Leap

Hoping I Won't Miss

Falling Deep

Deep Into The abyss

Never Ending Fall

Into The Darkness

No Sound Or Calls

Nothing But Blackness

Falling Hard Into The Pit

Clearing Everything In My Mind

Wishing To See Something Lit

If Only I Could Find

A Way Out Of Darkness Falls



Maybe the pain I feel isn't real

But it takes away the feel

Making it easier for me

Not being able to see

The truth that lies

Behind the lines

Where all comes undone

For what has become

With all said and done

Where's the fun

The only thing I feel

Is what isn't real

For the pain that doesn't heal

Numbness takes away the feel


No More Lights

Only Fights

Days Of Darkness Has Come To Steal

Nothing Can Be Healed

Everything Has Died Down

Midnight Sun Has Drowned

Seeing Only Pitch Black

Feels Like You're Being Attacked

It's Like Dancing With The Devil

Nothing To Do But Stay Leveled

Always Praying For Brightness

But There Is Only Days Of Darkness


Days Of War

Nights Of Pain

Making A Score

Sitting In Black Rain

Watching It Die

Darkness Of Fire

Seeing it Cry

Creating The Liar

Pain Doesn't Sleep

Seeing The World In Night

Watcing Things Creep

Won't See The Light

Coming Undone

Falling Hard In The Midnight Sun

No more Fun

Heavens on Fire when I'm On The Run

I Can't Keep Doing This To My Life

Turned My Back On The Lane

Can't Keep Giving In To The Knife

While I'm In The Nights Of Pain



Dashing through the woods
Wooden stake in my hand.
Need to kill this dude
Not as easy as I'd planned.
I am the Chosen One.
Vampires I must smite.
How grim it is to run and sing
A Slaying song tonight!
A piece of glass
On the beach.
Brought by misfortune
And bad intentions
With an unknown path
And influention.

It lies on the sand,
Blue against cream.
All strange edges
And spines
Made sharp
Over time.

A wave washes over
Again and again.
Soft as a susurrus,
Smooth as the sky,
The wave whispers gentle truths
And sometimes a lie.

Time passes on it's own
Slower than slow.
The glass is no longer sharp
And sparkles under the sun.
The wave now knows
Its duty is done.

A child sees the glass,
A piece of sky on the sand.
The child separates it from
The rest of the rocks
And puts it on a shelf
Inside of a box.

The child will look at it
Every now and then.
And though the box will grow dusty
As time will pass,
We will remember what a wave did
To a piece of glass.

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