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DISCLAIMER-This story is based off of the MMORPG, Runescape. Kelsi and I do not own Runescape or any of the content.  Runescape is owned by Jagex LTD. The "setting" section was thought up by Ekalb1000100, a runescape player.

This story is not complete at all.  I have just begun writing it and will add more details, chapters, characters, and even a prologue soon.


SS (saradomin saber)

ZGS (Zamorak Godsword)

What is Runescape?: Runescape is a fantasy world of warring races, ravaged landscapes, and sinister powers. Adventurers are now the heart of runescape, as they travel defeating fearsome foes and quests.

Beforehand Information: The 1st god wars was in the 3rd age of runescape. During those wars, runescape was nearly destroyed permanently, and many races are now extinct. Many Gods were involved, but the two main factions were under Saradomin, god of order, and Zamorak, god of chaos. The northern area of runescape is now permanently scarred, and is now known as the wilderness: a blackened land haunted by the spirits of dead fighters in the war. When the war reached a critical state, an ancient God named Guthix, who was the god of balance, reawakened from his eternal slumber. He ended the war and made a series of “edicts” on how the gods should behave. They cannot ever again interact directly with mortals, and there must be a balance between good and evil in the world. Guthix established an order of people who were bound to make sure these edicts remained intact. If the edicts were broken, they will cast a reawakening spell on Guthix who will then totally destroy runescape and create a brand new world. We are now in the 5th age of runescape, year 169.

Setting: The 2nd God wars have begun in runescape. A man named Darkshire has reawakened an elder, unknown God who possessed his body. He destroyed all of the protectors of the Edicts of Guthix, and due to the absence of Guthix, the gods have started up their conflicts again and are now fighting a full-fledged war. They are fighting over the staff of armadyl, the godsword, and the amulet of ____. Whoever controls those 3 objects will be the ultimate power in the universe.

(the amulet is blank because either god can influence it. It can be an amulet of purity or an amulet of death.)



name: Zero

age: 28

gender: male

race: human

alliance: saradomin

personality: a man of few words, prefers action and less talking.

appearance: very long blonde hair, likes red and purple clothing, is devoted to fighting and ascending to the top ranks of the army. He isn't extremely tall, and is about 5'6 in height. He is quite slim, but well built too.

short history: He comes from falador, and is quite wealthy, so he always got the best stuff. He didn't want to be spoiled however, and decided to use his wealth and power to fight in the army of saradomin.

weapons and armor: He's a warrior at heart, and uses saradomin's holy saber (ss) from the days of the 1st god wars. He uses dragon armor, as he likes how lightweight it is, and it gives decent protection. He is a decent ranger as well, and uses a crystal bow as back up, as he prefers weapons of light.

other: Zero has had a somewhat "dark" personality since he had to kill his own girlfriend, because she reluctantly joined zamorak's forces. Her last words to him was that she wanted to make a world where both of them can live in happiness.

creator of character: Fizaru1534



Chapter 1

Zero grunted. He has been traversing through the white wolf mountains for what seems as months. He knew it was had to be. The ancient amulet of purity was somewhere, so says in legend. He knew what he had to do, to find it and return it to General Seymour. The bloody wars of the past have started up again and the forces of saradomin will need this amulet for what is to come. Legend says that the amulet has the power to purify the hearts of the corrupted. However, only someone with a strong sense of righteousness can use it.

Zero stumbled. He heard a noise from the distance. He slowly walked towards it, trying to make sure his dragon boots made no noise. He hid behind a bush, and saw 2 demons chatting. They were talking about this amulet, and how it was of paramount importance that they should find it so no one could use it against them. Zero gasped and they heard him. With a speed equal to that of a bloodthirsty bounty hunter, they charged towards him, eager for some new blood. Zero withdrew his saber, and let out a burst of lightning towards them and ran.

He ran with jetspeed, while holding the shining sword. He picked up the pace, as those demons shrugged off the wounds they had faced and picked up a full-scale pursuit. Wolves tried to gang up on him, but the radiance of his blade shot out and turned them into nothing but particles. He was beginning to pant, and the next thing he saw was whiteness and feeling extremely cold.

He realized he must of slipped, and started rolling down the mountain in a snowball. He felt a big SMASH, and landed next to a pile of rubble. He looked up and saw a big boulder where he must of crashed. He looked down and saw something shiny. He picked it up, and a glowing amulet was in his hands. "Can it be...the amulet of purity!" He found it at last!

As he got up with a smile on his face, the two demons surrounded him. As they jumped at him with dark fangs, the amulet started glowing....

Chapter 2

"AAAAAAAAAAH!" Zero fell out of his bed. He was in a room, with lots of beds and nurses. "Where am I", he said glancing around.
A nurse came by and said "Oh you're awake, its about time. You were out cold for 2 days, literally. You're in the HQ medical room in Falador."
"Ugh...what happened....the last thing I remember is being jumped by those two demons then that amulet started glowi...WAIT THE AMULET!! Where is it!!?" yelled Zero.
"Oh, calm down Zero, we have the amulet and your weapons and armor for safe keeping. I'm telling ya a lot of the men are keeping their eye on that shiny sword of yours" the nurse said playfully. "But you must rest, being out in the white wolf for 2 weeks is something else."

2 hours later

"So Zero...congratulations for the success of your mission. This amulet will bring us a shining future." said General Seymour.
"Glad to serve Saradomin, blessed be his name" said Zero.
"Yes....well...we have done some research on that amulet. Turns out it has more powers then the legends say it does" said the General.
"Oh really, what can it do..." said Zero.
"Well, it turns out that the amulet can do various things. For one, like what the legends say, it can purify the souls of beings. But it also can destroy them if their hearts are too dark... It also gives the wearer much better communication with our God, which results in a massive prayer bonus. With a greater touch with Saradomin means that your prayers last much longer in battle." explained the General.
"Amazing! I wish Gabi was still alive... Perhaps I could have saved her...." murmered Zero, with a little tear coming from his eye.
"Yes Zero, I heard what happened.... A terrible choice she had to make. To have to accept Zamorak's darkness in order to protect her brother from those carnivorous barbarians..." said the General. "Anyway Zero, I feel it is time."
"Time for what?"
"You have proved your excellence in battles and missions. I'm pleased to now call you...Commander Zero!"

2 hours later,Zero paced around just thinking about the idea of being a commander. It wasn't really his thing leading others...he was more of a lone ranger persay. He didn't feel that he was comfortable with commanding a legion...

But General Seymour appointed him to it, and he thought that he knows whats best. After all, he has had quite some experience in the battlefield, and probably has some of the best equipment around. But, he still is wary about it....

What was really the concern is what would happen with the amulet of purity. What does the general plan on doing with it...he seemed kind of shady when talking with him. WAIT NO!

Zero slapped himself in the face for doubting the general like that.......

Chapter 3

3 months later.....

"Huh....whats going on!" shouted Zero as he tumbled off of his bed.
"The camp..we're under attack. Hurry!!" shouted the soldier.
Zero hurriedly strapped on his dragon chain and helmet and reached for his platelegs.
"There's no time" he thought and left them there. Grabbing the saradomin sword, he dashed out of the room.

In front of him, he saw blazing fire around the camp. He saw demons clawing at his precious warriors throughout the camp with a giant group approaching! With a rage, he charged his saradomin sword with all of his power. With a blast, he let out the biggest bolt of lightning he had ever seen. It completely anniahlated the entire legion of oncoming demons, with only the few already in the camp left.

"Easy picking" he thought as he dashed towards them and swung his saber. His remaining warriors were inspired by his strength, and came up and fought with him. Blood spewed left and right as he slaughtered the demonic warriors without mercy. When he finished off the last demon, he turned around and found himself only standing. His remaining warriors were lying dead on the ground all around one figure. There was blood and ice shards everywhere. The man was wearing very bright armor, but he saw a deep shade of darkness in the background. He was also carrying a giant sword, with a zamorak symbol carved into the hilt. He took off his helmet and Zero immediately recognized who it was. It was General Seymour, and he was wearing the amulet of purity! But wait....something's wrong with it.

Chapter 4

Zero stood in awe, at the sight of his general, who slayed every single member of his troop.
"Why General....why....." he spoke exasperated.
"It simple really" he said. "Zamorak himself offered me the better cut. He offered me the power of a mahjarrat if I could sabatoge the saradomin army...I couldn't pass it up. And now I have a power that succeeds anything the mahjarrat could have ever hoped for. With this....."
He lifted his sword, and Zero saw what it was. He was holding a Zamorak Godsword. He stood in awe on how the general got hold of such a rare, powerful, and evil weapon.
"Not even you Zero, could have defeated so many expertly trained saradomin warriors by yourself. No, I needed the power of the almighty ZGS! And now its mine, the ultimate power is mine. Hehehehe BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!"
"How on runescape did you gain the godsword? I heard it was destroyed when the war began...." said Zero with his usual tone.
"Heh, do not underestimate the POWER of Zamorak. He controls all, we are all just pawns in HIS game of destiny. But now I'm NOT, I HAVE THE GODSWORD, THE POWER OF A GOD!!!" bellowed the insane General.
Zero knew what he must do. He shot out a burst of lightning from the SS, but Seymour easily deflected it with an icy swing. Zero remembered what the legend said.  It was said if the godsword was infused with the power of Zamorak, it gained freezing properties.  It can freeze in anyone in place, and can then easily carve up the helpless figure. Zero knew he was in for a tough fight against the godsword.
"Now Zero..prepare for the fight of your life! There's no way you can defeat the incredible ZGS, combined with the Amulet of Death." shouted General Seymour, with an evil grin in his face.


Chapter 5

Zero considered his options. His crystal bow was in his tent so range wasn't an option. He just used up his lightning strike attack so that wouldnt work. "He can deflect it anyway...." he muttered.  He decided his best bet was to play on the defensive and tire Seymour out, enough so he can counter-attack and end this.  "But whats the point anyway? If I kill him, I will be a wanted man and will have the entire saradomin army on my tail due to the fact they don't know Seymour was evil.  If Seymour gets to me, who knows what will happen", he thought.

His frame of thought was cut off when he had to duck from a powerful swing of the Zamorak Godsword.  "I'm not waiting all day Zero, I'm gunna take you out", Seymour yelled!  Zero dashed through the camp, skillfully avoiding the dead bodies.  Seymour followed, but Zero noticed his heavy armor and huge sword was slowing down his speed.  "Perhaps I can use that to my advantage."

They continued their game of cat and mouse for what seemed as hours.  Seymour was sending out his occasional ice streams from the godsword, but Zero was capable of deflecting most of it thanks to the lightning from his saber.  He still was hit by some of the ice, and it was the coldest, most evil thing he ever felt.  Zero and Seymour soon found themselves back to where they started, both exhausted.

"Zero, your pathetic running will get you no where. You might be capable of escaping my blows, but there's no way you're capable of fighting against the amulet of death!" Seymour said.

"What!" Zero shouted. "That means what you did...."

"Thats right!  The same Amulet of Purity you found earlier has been corrupted thanks to the unholy power of Zamorak.  Your own revolutionary discovery will be your own demise!

Zero braced himself.  A very fast stream of darkness emitted from the amulet and striked Zero straight in the face.  The lights were getting dimmer, his mind being shrouded in darkness.  He collapsed as Seymour walked towards him.  "Now, now, we can't have you dead here can we, it would be bad for my reputation. I still need to keep my position in the Saradomin army for the time being.  Besides, I don't want you dead yet, I want to see you squirm!" He performed a teleport spell on Zero, sending him to the wilderness in the far north.

Chapter 6

Zero stirred, trying to move his body.  This darkness in his mind was like a poison, he couldn't see or think clearly at all.  He got up from where he was lying, trying to remember what happened.  Last thing he remembered, he was fighting Seymour back at the camp.  He shot out some stream from that amulet, and here he is now.  He looked around and gasped!  Everything was dark, and had a very evil feeling in it.  "Where am I?"  His mind was pretty clear now, and tried to remember where he was.

"Lets see, black lands.....evil fog.....this must be the wilderness! But how did I get here." he wondered.  He looked down and found that only his saber was with him.  "Urgh, Seymour must have stolen my armor...."

His frame of thought was cut off when he felt an immense pain. He looked up, and saw a revenant ork nearby, shooting evil magic at him.  He shot out a blast of lightning from his blade, and it didn't seem to faze the evil spirit.  "These revenants are as difficult as the legends say." He started running towards it but found himself unable to move, thanks to an icy dart attack from the ork.  "Oh shoot, Saradomin help me!!!!!" he shouted.


Chapter 7

A stream of fire emerged from the heavens, and struck the ork where it stood. Zero was amazed at the attack from above, but he saw that the revenant was only weakened. "Nows my chance" he muttered, dashing with a blinding speed with his saber and sliced the revenant in two.  He saw the spirit vaporize down to the earth, cursing in a language he couldn't comprehand.  "Alright now, but what am I supposed to do! I'm in the middle of this hellish land, and Zamorak will purge this world into chaos if I don't do anything about it! I know I have to obtain the godsword from Seymour, but he's nearly unbeatable..... what I need to do is look for answers. There has to be some kind of...object that can stand up to that thing. Question is, what is it?"


He walked through the wilderness for what seemed as years, constantly battling revenants with the help of Saradomin. But he knew this was getting him no where, who knows what Seymour will do next.  He continued to press on through the chilling winds, against all odds.  Eventually, everything started getting very cold and foggy. He saw what seemed to look like a young girl, but looked like a spirit. "Maybe she can give me some answers" Zero thought.


Chapter 8

Summer just craved to die.  She couldn't take this pain anymore.  "Sigh, I suppose this is all thats left for me...a life of eternal torment. What did I do to deserve this...Perhaps I'll go look around in the real world for once...but it always hurts so much crossing over.  Oh well, it can't really be much worse than this."

She crosses her hands together, and pushes part of her spirit to Runescape. "AAAAAAAAAAAH, THE PAIN....ITS UNBEARABLE!!!." After what seemed like hours, she saw the icy cold wilderness outside.  Wondering why she wanted to see a place like this, she looked around desperately hoping to find someone.  After several hours, her spirit nearly collapsed right on the floor.  "Oh whats the use! I'd never find someone in this desolate wasteland.....even if I did, it would just be a dead carcass."  She felt her spirit, nearly getting drained to the spirit world. "NO!...I...can't...go.....back now!....arrgh!" She almost gave into the pull, but suddenly she saw a figure.  It looked like a large man with long blonde hair wielding some sort of sword.  She ran towards him screaming for joy! "Maybe he can help me get out of my nightmare!"


Chapter 9

Zero ran towards the mysterious spirit, not even sure what it was.  "It might just be another evil spirit I'll have to slay...he thought." But the spirit didn't attack at all.  It ran to Zero, and embraced him.  Zero was puzzled, not understanding what was going on.  He looked into the girl's eyes.  She had long hair, and a slim, tender looking body. She looked very beautiful...for a ghost.  The spirit started crying, and tried to talk, but Zero couldn't understand.  "It's some sort of language I've never heard before" he thought.


"Why doesn't he respond? I'm begging him to help me from this dreadful situation and he's just standing there like a rock! Wait....maybe he just can't understand me......"


The spirit let go of Zero, and moved back a few steps.  She started making hand gestures.  "It's like she's trying to tell me something...." Zero thought.  She made these gestures, something resembling a beast.  Her face then showed despair and agony.  Zero was beginning to understand what she was saying through her movements.  It seems that there's some sort of giant beast, attacking her...but yet she's right here.  "Hey, I'll try and help you, but I'm gunna need more infor..what the!?"  A giant white portal appeared, dragging Zero and Summer in.


Chapter 10


Luke pondered in the small hut, with Summer and the mysterious body inside. "Summer who have you brought here.  Is this a mortal?" "But Luke....he might be the only one who can help us.....I mean just look at him and that really shiny sword" explained Summer.  "But Summer, you know that a mere mortal can't defeat the spirit beast.  Now you just doomed this young man into the same terrible fate we went through......" said Luke solemnly.


"!"  Zero woke up, trying to catch his breath, but the air tasted very wierd.  He looked around at the room...everything had a pale white tinge in it.  "Where am I dead?"  He got up from where he was sleeping, and looked at a nearby mirror.  He was still in his body, so he wasn't a spirit.  "The last thing I remember is that spirit girl I saw, and then here I am.....just where am I?"