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1911 in Blue Springs, Alabama in Barbour County a few young miners, two fifteen year olds Jon and Jin a thirteen year old Robert and a seven year old Mike, lead by a thirty year old Robert. He took them to a mine shaft he turned to Mike and said, “Take good look kid ‘cause your in hell now.” He laughed while Mike gulped out of nervousness.

“Here kid,” Jon said handing him a quarter “go buy us a canary and go buy yourself a bar of chocolate.” Mike smiled he didn’t know why they needed a canary but he sure was happy he could buy himself a bar of chocolate. They walked to the local market while Jon and the others went to go buy mining supplies Mike went to go get his bar of chocolate, and then he went to go get the canary from the counter.

“Excuse me mister,” he said to the man at the counter “can I get a canary please.”

“Sure kid,” the man happily said while grabbing a dome like cage inside a yellow canary was perched on a stick singing merrily, “this and the candy bar will be twenty-two cents.” Mike handed him the quarter getting back three pennies.

“Thank you mister.” Mike said innocently he walked up to Jon and handed him the canary.

“Save the candy bar for when you get hungry in the mines ‘cause you only get one break for lunch.” Jon stated.

When they had all their gear to go into the mines Robert got them to the entrance inside the coal mine had three floors about four hundred or so feet straight down.

“We will be working on the third floor,” Robert ordered “any questions? No? Good let’s go.”

The deeper they went the darker and the harder it got to breath, Mike almost choked halfway through the second floor after inhaling freshly thrown coal dust. After hanging upthe canary near the work site Jon handed Mike a pick axe to start working. After working for hours Mike hit something solid, while clearing the dirt the object looked somewhat like a metal box only it was made of a shiny yellow metal.

"The damn bastard struck gold....." said Robert astonished. Mike just stared at the gold box he ahd a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach as though he had just done something wrong. After uncovering the box Jin looked curiously at it.

"Whats inside?" he asked.

"Dunnow" Robert answered

"I intednd to find out" Jin demanded. As he ran up to the box the canary began to sing a glorious tune, Jin flung the box open . He scrutinized the inside of the box, the walls of the box were covered in blood yet the box was rather empty. He walked away from the box "Just an empty box." he announced.

"What happened to the canary?" Mike asked childishly s everyone looked at the cage the bars were torn open and yellow feathers were all over the floor.

"Lets get out of here" Robert said "Jin.......Jin are you alright???" Jin was standing staring at the ground he slowly looked up with a expression of pain. They began to see what looked like fingers popping out of his skin, the skin began to tear, slowly began to see veins and muscle, then the skin finally broke reveiling long bloody claws. His head and body began to tear in half, a monster like figure was ripping his way out of Jin's body. The corspe fell to the ground reveiling a large bear like figure with an alligators tail scales covering his whole body claws extending from its hands and a almost dog like face. The beast roared and jumped to attack Mike, Jon and Robert ran, however Robert didn't make it the beast pounced on him and tore him apart. Mike and Jon ran up to the second which was begining to collapse. They ran warning everyone to get out some of them didn't listen some ran with them and didn't make it. They ran across about two miles worth of mine yet they never could find an exit. They nworked there way to the first floor hearing the beast snapping behind them. The exit was only a few feet away Mike felt something push him to the ground he turned around to see Jon getting torn apart, he continued to run for the exit as he left the mine he saw the beast dart out of the mine into the open world. There Mike learned that somethings aren't ment to be one who lived in the state of Alabama at that time was ever heard from again. Although Mike moved out of state he can still feel the creature behind him craving his flesh, begging for the blood of an innocent.