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Saving Me
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I stood, trying not to fidget, outside the opening to the mine I worked in. A man stood in front of me and the other boys I worked with. I was beginning to get cold. A bright light went off as the man took a photograph. I blinked a couple of times to try and stop seeing spots. It wasn’t working.

“Thanks again for letting me capture this,” the man with the camera said. He began to walk away.

“No problem,” my boss, whose name was Pyotr, lied.

My stomach grumbled. I looked at my hand. It was empty. Just like last time I’d checked. And the time before that too. My mother did not have enough money to give me lunch, things stretched farther if I just had breakfast and dinner. I rubbed my hands and looked around. I saw people doing things similar. No one wanted to be the first one to leave. But by the same token everyone wanted to be home first.

“Away with you all!” Pyotr shouted as soon and the picture man was safely out of earshot. We all scattered like cockroaches. I, for one, was gone whilst he was still talking.

“Seamus!” someone called, I was happy because it wasn’t the harsh tones of Pyotr.

“What?” I called back.

“Wait up,” when the voice reached me I could tell it was Michael. He was a fellow friend and worker.

I waited impatiently. “But I’m hungry. If I don’t wait then I get feed quicker.”

“Bug off! I want to eat too,” We tried to joke but working all day until we were more dead than alive took something out of us.

“Besides, Sorcha needs to go to bed. Ma won’t put her to bed ‘till I get home,”

“Ralph doesn’t have that problem. He’s asleep when I leave and when I get back,”

“Maybe ‘cause you’re gone all day?” I guessed.

“Or maybe because he’s three months old”



I walked the remaining two blocks on silence. I was the only sound and it was good. After the noise of the mines almost anything sounded better than the sharp, metallic clanging of metal on the rock face. My ears were ringing but I didn’t dare tell my ma. She had enough to worry about without me adding to it. Besides, it’s nothing major. Sorcha had been sick on and off for a lot of her short life.

I opened the door to my house, my home. Sorcha was playing in the kitchen with her doll. Ma was bustling about making something that was making the whole house smell good.