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Once Thalassa had been taken prisoner then she thrashed around violently.  It took a lot to get water Sepths mad and now she wasn’t too upset.  Really, it’s only a human. How much could a blundering idiot really do?  Apparently a lot, not only had Thalassa been out of the water for almost twenty minutes but the thing had managed to sneak up on her and catch her. If she stayed out of the water for five more minutes she was going to flip big time.  Who knew how long these idiots would keep her prisoner for their sadistic torture? These blithering skull heads had only just learned about the Sepths.  They had been living here how many “millions” of years.  People were so incredibly stupid.  Sepths had been around since before these dumb humans had been.  Humans always go about things like they are the Creator, like they own the world.  How long had they been throwing the trash into the oceans?  And the poor forest Sepths were going to go extinct if they kept up at this rate for much longer.

At this time Thalassa was dumped into a bowl of water.  At least the idiot knew that much.  The first thing Thalassa did was fill her lungs with water.  It was blessed relief to have fresh water back in her empty lungs.  She glared at the human who had imprisoned her.  Realization struck her hard in the head, she felt like sicking up on the spot and she even had one of the stronger stomachs. They were going to sell her to other idiots; so much for ever seeing any of her kind again. She just sunk to the bottom of the tiny water-filled cage and rested against the fake sand covering the bottom.  Maybe she was just overreacting; maybe this was one of their torture sessions. They had the strangest methods of trying to be nice, like say the throwing of trash into the rivers, very nice of them