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Promptly at six-thirty in the morning the red alarm clock went off. Like every other Thursday Vena got dressed in a purple and silver track suit. She made an energy smootie and pulled her shourlder length brown hair into a ponytail. Off of the table by the door she grabbed her iPod, wich was silver to match her outfit, and after securely locking the door behind her she hid the key in the bottom of one of her many hanging plants.

The neighbor was gardening, just like any other Thursday morning. "Hello Marcus" she called to him. He was about fifty five with grey hair.

"Hello Vena," Marcus replied,"out early again I see."

"Of course, would you expect anything less?"

"From anyone but you,"

"See you later,"

"Bye-bye now"

With her morning conversation with the neigbor out the way Vena began to walk. After she plugged her headphones into her ears her step increased.