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Chapter one:

A boy about the age of sixteen stood in the corner of a man’s house. He currently was located in the dining room watching an old man eat his turkey diner. The boy’s name was Percival, or Percy as a nickname, he was perfectly trained he was the only bodyguard to graduate at the age of fourteen. He had been raised in the bodyguard organization for as long as he could remember. Before this he was a foster child until the government grew found of his obedient attitude and took him into training when he was four, and started training him very slowly. After the age of ten he was in classes that people who were in the program for twenty years were in. Four years later he was assigned his bodyguard serial number tattooed on the back of his neck which read:


This was Percy’s lucky number, aside from the tattoo Percy looked like a normal boy with the maturity of an adult. His looks were simple fair skin not white but also not tan somewhere in the middle, dark black, short spiky hair, with dark eyes that appeared black. His outfit was his normal attire a white long sleeve button up shirt, with black pants and black sneakers. His stomach growled out of hunger, but he wasn’t allowed to eat until his client finished eating.

“Percival I am done with this dish.” The old man said wiping his mouth with his napkin.

“Yes sir.” Percy said picking up the plate to take it to the kitchen.

“Oh and do ask Chef Lucas if he has anymore of his delicious chocolate cake.” The old man said hungrily.

“Right away sir.” Percy said stepping into the kitchen. A tall man about the age of thirty was cleaning the kitchen. “Do you have anymore chocolate cake Mr. Lucas?”

“As a matter of fact I do.” The chef said pulling a half eaten chocolate cake out of the kitchen, he sliced out a nice triangular piece and plated it with white chocolate shavings on top.

“Thank you Mr. Lucas.” Percy said taking the cake to the dining room. As he placed the dish in front of the old man and bowed.

“Percival won’t you join me an old man such as myself shouldn’t eat a slice of this proportion.” The old man beckoned, “Perhaps I can tell you the story of my youth before I became wealthy.” Percy sat down in the seat next to him and picked up a fork to eat the cake with. “Now Percy I this may surprise you but before I was one of the wealthiest men in America I was no more than a common street boy.”

“Really sir.” Percy said intrigued he loved hearing stories form an older generation it taught him many life lessons.

“Yes only unlike the other boys of my age I knew I was sophisticated and destined for greatness. Now you see my passion for the musical world began when I was a young lad and came across a lonely bum playing a guitar…”


After two hours of chocolate cake and a wonderful success story the old man finally retired to his bed. Percy cleaned up the kitchen table and helped the chef with the dishes. Afterwards he sat down to polish the knives hidden in sheathes on his hips. Percival was bad at using straight edged weapons, so his knives were crooked leaving the six and a quarter inch handle was a six inch blade bent thirty degrees to the inside of the double sided knife. The handle had a loop towards the blade where Percy slipped his index finger into to twirl them. As Percival was polishing his knives he thought about his departure from this home. His task was complete; he was to keep the old man safe until his family came to take care of him, which meant that he was going to leave tomorrow. The day the family would come at around nine-thirty. As Percy munched on a nice selection of cheese and crackers, the doorbell rang putting away his knives he got up to answer it.

“Yes?” He said as he opened the front door. In the doorway there was a bout ten people. A couple that appeared to be married with three children and the rest seemed to be an aunt and some cousins.

“We are here to see my father so we may care for him in his old age.” The married woman said.

“Yes of course please come in.” Percy said opening the door for them, “may I take your coats.” The men, women and children entered handing him there jackets so he may put them in the closets I their rooms along with their luggage. As soon as he was done with that task he stepped into the kitchen to pick up some tea and cookies for the guests. Walking into the living room he saw that the kids enjoyed cheese and crackers as much as he did. He set the tea and cookies down on the coffee table.

“Oh,” a woman said, “are you his butler?”

 “No his butler is out on a holiday I’m simply filling in until tomorrow.” Percy answered honestly.

“Ah yes I see well thank you for the tea.”

“Any time ma’am, if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Can we have some more cheese and crackers?” The kids said happily

“Oh,” the woman said “and perhaps some nice wine.”

“Right away.” Percy answered heading towards the kitchen the chef rolled his eyes.

“Will I ever stop cooking tonight?” the chef said exhausted.

“Just a fine selection of cheese and crackers and wine for seven adults.” Percy said the chef relieved that he only needed a kitchen knife. After properly slicing the cheese he placed it on a plate with crackers and place it on a tray where a bottle of wine and seven wine glasses. Percy took the tray to the living room while the women exchanged bits of gossip. Setting the new tray on the coffee table he took the old tray back to the kitchen and waited for them to ring the bell so he can show them to their rooms. After two more hours of hearing laughter and conversation he finally heard a bell.

“Yes?” he said entering the room

“Would you be so kind as to show us to our rooms?” The same woman asked

“Of course right this way.” Percy said guiding them up the stairs to fulfill their request and finally get some rest.

*          *          *          *

Kelsi stood in front of a full body mirror as her new dress was being tailored. She groaned she didn’t like doing this but her great grandfather was flying in from England and her father insisted on wearing a dress so they may take him out to dinner at a nice restaurant. The dress was sea blue and it complimented her white skin and blonde hair, it also brought out her deep blue eyes.

“Mom do I really have to do this?” She groaned a sort woman in the late thirties appeared from behind her she looked almost exactly like her daughter only with slightly darker skin and burnet hair.

“Oh honey I know you hate dressing like this but you know your father.” The mother said tenderly, “at least it’s not all bad, I mean your dad has picked worse dresses for you and this one seems fitting.” Kelsi nodded in agreement and let her mother get back to tailoring her dress. A little girl with white skin, red hair and green eyes skipped into the room.

“Mommy, mommy look at the dress I got.” She said twirling in a beautiful white dress that looked like her older sisters.

“Wow that dress suits you Holly remember your next for the tailoring.” She said.

“I feel like a princess,” Holly giggled, “you look pretty too Kelsi.”

“Thank you Holly you look gorgeous in the dress.” Kelsi replied.

“I wonder if grandpa is gonna bring his butler boy, you know Christopher the on that has a crush on you.”

“Ugh I hope not I don’t want to deal with him at all.” Kelsi said sighing as Holly skipped out of the room taunting her with a romance song.

“There we go dear all done.” Her mom said relived, “Now go put that dress in the dress bag and make sure that you hang it in your closet tomorrow.” Kelsi stepped away from the mirror as Holly skipped into the room singing the same song. She slipped into the room that her and her sister shared. She slid out of the dress and into her night gown and sat on her bed she looked around to make sure no one was looking and pulled a diary from underneath her mattress and began to write.


Dear diary,

My grandpa is coming over tomorrow from Addle stone, England and I have to wear this stupid blue dress when he comes. At least it looks better than the last one did this one actually makes me look good and not like a silly princess girl. Yay! J So anyways I hope Christopher doesn’t come over ‘cause if he does oh that boy will get it. Summers been boring as usual and not a lot of people from my school talk to me anymore because they hang out with different crowds now Hannah hates me now because she joined the popular crowd in high school to “fit in.” I think that it’s just stupid excuse for she doesn’t want to be my friend any more, and all my other friends joined her in her movement of popularity. So Tempest is the only person that actually talks to me now but you know its all cool, there are still no boys in  my life my mom wants me to have at least one boy in my life so I can be well rounded on how to talk to boys. Well nothing much summer’s almost over I’m very sad about it I wanted to enjoy reading all day a little more. Oh well you know what the French say “Se la vi”.




She closed her diary and placed it back under he mattress before she drifted into the kitchen for some cereal and toast.

*          *          *          *

Percy soon left the mansion he was at after being paid half a million dollars he was soon in a limousine waiting to arrive at the agency so he can prepare for his next job. While he was waiting he would help teach a poison class so other students can learn proper poisoning techniques not very many people knew how to poison people properly. Even though there is no wrong way to poison someone there was merely a technique on doing it without getting caught. The ride to the agency took about four hours in the meantime Percy used his free time to draw the picture of a female angel. She had a glorious figure and the picture itself seemed to radiate her innocence, she was looking down as though she was observing something that led here to tears her wings were folded and her arms wide open waiting for someone to embrace her or to come to her. Percy looked out the window and saw he had arrived in the agency he slipped the drawing into his briefcase and stepped out of the car. He quickly walked to his room and placed half of his money onto an accountant’s desk. She just nodded and handed him a sheet of paper with the classroom he was going to be teaching and a list of students. They were all new students the cocky twenty to thirty year old guys that never seemed to listen. He walked up to and elevator and waited. The agency building was about thirteen stories tall and his class was on the seventh floor he grinned when he saw the paper read room seven hundred seventy-seven. He stepped into the elevator and assumed that the men behind him were going to be in his class mostly because of the way they dressed and the way they talked. He simply silently stood in the corner of the house waiting for his floor. These men were definitely in his class they were talking about how when they were done with their poisons class that they were going to poison some one with holly berries and water.

“It’s better if you use holly berries and vodka.” Percy stated from behind them, they turned around and looked at him, “holly berries have a peculiar taste and a certain amount must be ingested before they actually become poisoned. So a glass of vodka and two holly berries would suffice.” They looked at him with joking faces and laughed.

“Yeah right your just a stupid fucking kid what the hell would you know.” They joked as the elevator reached the seventh floor Percy headed the opposite direction his room was on this floor he wanted to drop off his stuff before he went to go teach. Percy’s room was the same as every other body guard’s room, a small cube big enough to house one person with a long bed, a closet and a desk he dropped his suitcase by his bed and started walking to class.

As he walked into his class he saw that the two guys from the elevator were sitting in the front row laughing. He stepped into the class room.

“Alright class my name is Percy, yes I am your instructor and yes I am sixteen years old.” This seemed to get the classes attention except for the two guys sitting in front, “so lets get one thing straight, I’m not just a stupid fucking kid and I know a hell of a lot more stuff than you do.” The two guys in the front froze and their smiles faded, when they turned and saw their instructor Percy gave them an evil grin.

*          *          *          *          *

Glenn stood at his desk worried he had gotten a bomb threat from some random guy. Glenn was an engineer he built weapons for the military and recently he had gotten a threat that said he would kill Glenn’s family. Glenn picked up the phone and punched in a phone number that would help him out.

“Hello.” A voice said fro the other end of the line

“I need a body guard.” Glenn said

“Well you’ve got the right number” the voice said and began to list the bodyguards available.

*          *          *          *          *

Percy’s class finished in an hour and a half that whole day was spent torturing the two men in the front until they realized that it’s the teenagers of the world that he should be scared of. Percy stood at the door waiting for everyone in the class to leave as he went to go sit on his desk the secretary walked in.

“Pack your bags again.” She said quickly, “you’ve got more work to do.” Percy groaned he absolutely dreaded his rank in the agency.