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Ana sat in the big empty house waiting her fiancée and his nephew to return from work she was nervous like she always was she always feared that they would get eaten alive or something much worse. Ana tried to get her mind off of the subject she started reading her book on ancient creatures, as she passed the pages on Egyptian animals her worries grew.

What if they got eaten by scarabs? Ana put the book down clearly this was no way to forget aout her worries it would only make her worry more than she wanted to she sighed anxious about her family.

All I need is to watch some nice relaxing television. She flipped past all of the news channels and started watching some movies on the Sci-Fi channel. The movies playing was Friday the Thirteenth, Ana sat interested in the movie watching all the gore that the movie held. What if Jason came back from the dead and killed them? She quickly changed the cannel to Food Network. Rachel Ray was cooking one of her thirty minute meals; she seemed to be cooking sausage marinara pasta, shrimp Alfredo, and some grilled clams. Ana wrote down the recipes to each of these dishes and went into the kitchen to cook them. She felt very relaxed now that she was in the kitchen cooking her family. There was a loud knock on the door, she turned the stove flame down and walked to answer the door. Standing in the doorway was her fiancée and soon to be nephew, she sighed relieved.

“Oh Seth you’re alive and not dead,” She said happily “or eaten by scarabs.” She quickly wrapped Seth in her arms; pulling back she began to examine him. “Your not hurt are you you’re ok, in one piece or maybe a broken bone or worse what if you got bitten!!!” She found a long scratch across the skin of his arm the bright blood seemed brighter against his well tanned muscles. Ana instantly took him to the bathroom to make sure that the wound was properly treated and tended to.

“Ana really it’s nothing I just let my guard down for a second and he got a good scratch at me but its ok that was the first and last hit he ever got me with.” Ana soon finished tending to Seth she let to go find her fiancée she groaned and found him in the kitchen.

“What no hi or hello or how are you?” Ana growled menacingly

“I’m just not in a good mood right now.” Junior said angrily.

“When aren’t you in a bad mood you have me sit here at home worried as hell that you and my new nephew might not come back and then you think that you can waltz in and tell me that you’re in a bad mood and throw me away like I’m some kind of tool.” She cried, “Tell me, and tell me why I can’t be out there with you? Well?!” Junior sat silently in shock he had no clue what to say he watched stare at him with the burning anger she had.

“Typical,” Ana laughed, “you have absolutely nothing to say like you always do everything right.” Ana stormed out of the kitchen and went to consult her future nephew about her future husband. No one knew him better than he did considering he grew up with him; Seth was lying down on the couch with Athena sitting next to it. They were both watching a different movie on the Sci-Fi channel; after all it had been about forty-five minutes since she had last checked that channel, Seth was quite interested in the movie mainly because people were being torn apart by mutated birds.

“Hey Seth,” Ana said silently, instantly he sat up making room for her on the couch, “What’s on?”

The Bird Flu Horror it has a very good storyline where the past unfolds as teenagers try to run from mutated Jurassic birds.” Seth said excited as Ana sat in the seat next to him.

“Um, you’ve known Junior for your whole life right?” Seth nodded, “So you

know how to talk to him right.”

“He’s just being a…a…”


“Thanks, and it just gets me so…so…”

“Pissed off?”

“Thanks again, he’s just so frustrating.” Ana groaned “I mean you get along with him just fine.”

“That’s because he’s scared of me and doesn’t want to get on my bad side that is if he knows what’s good for him of course.” Seth said jokingly.

“So how would you talk to him if you were me?”

“Hmmm, if I were you wow, that’s a good question, well ummm. First I would remember that I love him and will soon be with him, I hope, then I would try to think of what he goes through at work, you know?” Ana nodded, “And from there I would find a sort of middle ground where you two would get along and where you don’t have to worry about our, I mean, his well being.”

“That makes sense,” Ana smiled as if she had an epiphany “Wow that was extremely useful thank you.” She hugged him and went into the kitchen to finish dinner.

“Any time.” Seth sighed and continued with his movie. Athena followed Ana to the kitchen just in time to see them talk about what they should do about the current problem in their relationship, Athena stared at them and walked away she went back to her partner before he fell asleep after all he didn’t have dinner yet and he was already falling asleep. She jumped on the couch and curled up next to his leg her tail eagerly wagging for some excitement. Ana called Seth and Athena for dinner, Athena nudged Seth and whined.

“C’mon lets go have ourselves some dinner.” Seth said patting her head and walked to the kitchen.