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Seth sat in the subway train waiting for his uncle to call to give him the ok to continue with his mission. Sitting in front of him, literally, was his faithful sidekick, a grey pit bull with gorgeous blue eyes, she sat in front of him panting from the long walk that they had to get to the subway station. She went by the name of Athena for her aggressive fighting skills; she stared at Seth and whined, nudging him with her nose.

“I know girl Junior is taking way to long,” Seth said petting Athena’s head I don’t feel comfortable either.” He glanced around the train car to make sure that the old man was still sitting there; he had a small brief case that had a combination lock. Athena was getting a little uneasy Seth let her go so she could walk around for little bit. Athena walked by the suitcase and sniffed it for a while and came back to Seth. She whined again, now Seth felt very uneasy he kept his and on the tripod case he was carrying waiting for a single call from his uncle. Finally he heard his phone ring he pushed the talk button and pressed the phone against his ear.

“Go.” Junior’s voice spoke through the speaker Seth quickly hung up and uncapped the tripod case and walked up to the old man. The old man looked up, scared.

“What’s in the case old man?” Seth asked coldly

“Some business papers that I need to take home.” He answered quickly

“Open it now.” Seth demanded

“Why I’d never.” The old man gasped

“Now.” Seth demanded

“You are as good as the Council says, now what makes you think that I will open this for you?” The old man chuckled

“If you don’t,” Seth growled impatiently, “there is a grave with your name on it.” The old man quickly jumped out of his seat preparing to give Seth a good old punch in the mouth. The instant he did Athena leapt and clamped down on the old mans neck. The Old man fell over and threw Athena off. Seth kicked the bottom of the tripod case, instantly the flash of a beautifully constructed sword leapt into the air. Seth caught the blade during the sword’s decent to the ground.

“So I see your reputation precedes you,” the old man chuckled, “it is as they say you truly do fight with your father’s blade, his beautiful katana.” He quickly stood up, “as for me I have my own.” The old man drew old style machete blade he chuckled as he ran his fingers along the edge of the blade. Seth stood his ground keeping his sword pointed downwards; the old man leapt swinging the blade in a sideways figure eight. Seth easily stepped out of the way of the attack and made one clean slash across the man’s back. The man back-flipped over his head. By the time Seth spun around the man swung and the tip of his machete sliced into Seth’s right arm he grunted in pain thinking as logically as he could in this situation. He looked around and found the brown leather suitcase the man was carrying.

“Athena, grab the suitcase!” Seth shouted obediently she darted for the suitcase the man growled and charged in her direction. Seth quickly intercepted the man blowing him back with a palm strike to the chest.

“No one touches my dog.” Seth swung his blade the sound of clashing steel assured him that the old man was still fast. Athena barked telling Seth that she had the suitcase. Seth darted towards the back of the train Athena running ahead of him breaking through the glass doors between cars. Seth panted and skid to a stop at the end of the train. The vampyre man was right behind him Seth spun around pointing the blade directly at the old man. Soon the man fell on Seth’s katana they both fell to the ground. Athena sat watching the two motionless bodies on the ground she whined and approached them, as the conductor’s voice called through the speaker.

“Attention passengers we are now arriving at our last stop for the night down town Los Angles. Please wait for the train to come to a complete stop before exiting the train thank you for joining us tonight on this voyage have a nice day.” Athena nudged the old man off Seth and licked her partners face in an attempt to wake him up. Seth coughed and shuddered he slowly got up he was in pain from the fall and from the fight.

“Ok girl get off of me please,” Seth chuckled, “before I suffocate with your tongue.” Seth got up and grabbed the suit case.

Seth stood at he subway doors, Athena waiting beside him; he heard the intercom bell ring, as the doors opened. He stepped out of the subway and handed a man in a suit the brief case. Junior eagerly greeted him.

“Anything else that you need captain, you know any other kills you want me to wait two hours four” Seth asked in smooth tone.

“No it’s already too late for you to be out. Remember you have to register for school tomorrow at eight.” Junior answered

“Need I remind you it’s your fault that I was out this late since you wouldn’t call sooner Mr. Last Minute Killing.” Seth said pissed off “You better hope you brought your car and my car.”

“Why?” he asked quietly

“Cause there ain’t no way in hell that I’m driving you home after I waited two and a half hours for your call that you should’ve had to me in ten minutes.” Seth growled getting into the drivers seat of his car Junior laughed as Seth locked the doors of his car. He turned on the engine as Junior tried to get into the car he pulled on the door handle viciously. Seth put on his sunglasses and waved to Junior as he drove away smiling. Seth got tired of driving in the busy Los Angeles streets they were always filled with traffic around this time of night; he glanced at his Acura Integra’s clock it read nine ‘o five. It was still early but he had school registration tomorrow and he had to wake up pretty early so he could be ready by eight. He sighed and glanced around by the looks of the traffic he would get to the freeway in about twenty minutes if nothing else happens. He glanced at his empty passenger seat he sighed he had to get to bed he was getting tired, he may be the only professional sixteen year old vampire slayer, but unfortunately he was still only human. He heard a knock on his window he turned and saw his uncle Junior outside the car window, Seth stopped to think and decided to unlock the door Junior stepped into the car.

“You thought I was kidding didn’t you?” Seth smirked.

“Shut up and drive.” Junior said obviously ticked off.

“I do have an eject button installed in this car.” Seth smiled

“Did I ever mention how much I love you?” Junior said sweetly, Seth rolled his eyes.

“Kiss ass.”