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The boy sat inside of the cramped room he silently waited for a chance to run. He knew if anything went wrong then they could all die, he checked to see if he was clear to run out of the warehouse. From his point of view it looked clear and safe. He slowly opened the door, quietly he began walking out. He slowly walked through the tall warehouse shelves filled with lots of ancient relics and tools; he heard the sound of running feet behind him. Instantly he began darting around the entire warehouse, sliding under shelves, trying to keep whatever was following from getting to him.

The boy may have been small but he knew the entire warehouse like the back of his hand. He knew where all of the traps where how to activate them and how to get around them. Using this to his advantage he quickly ran trough the dart trap sliding under the laser sensors. He heard darts fly through the air and a piercing scream echoed through the warehouse.

Luke sat in the warehouses control center happy as could be he proved that these pathetic warehouse agents couldn’t stop him he nearly felt like chuckling when he saw the only survivor was a boy. He instantly sent his half-breed vampyres after him; he enjoyed a fresh mug of warm blood as he watched his underlings scan the warehouse for him. Luke was calm and relaxed when a scream shattered his mood. He checked the cameras and saw two of his half-breeds covered in high strength Ultra Violet darts. He watched his own kind burn. Their skin crisp and fall apart into ash he growled, stupid boy he thought.

“Attention all Day Walkers,” Luke roared through the loud speaker, “I want you to find a small boy and bring me his head on a silver platter.” He sat in his cushioned spinning chair and glared at the monitors frustrated as hell.

*            *               *

The boy darted along with Day Walkers at his heels; he quickly ran a mental scan of the warehouse, trying to think of an effective trap that would work on the Day Walkers. Then he thought of one the trap that was popularly nick named “The Fly Swatter”. He started running towards it he threw a pair of double doors entering a large empty room all the tiles were white except for the one in the middle. The tile in the middle of the floor was black he stood on it waiting for his hunters to approach. The a few seconds after he was surrounded by all of the Day Walkers and half-breeds, total there were twenty five. He smiled and stomped as hard as he could on the tile, instantly he dropped trough the floor just as two of the walls in the room slammed together flattening all of the vampyres. Now he had to run to the upper floor without getting caught by any high ranked vampyres.

He peeked once he got to the top of the stair case to see if there were any vampyres. Instead what he saw shocked him his dads body was laying on the floor, he ran up to his body to see if he truly was dead. When his eyes met his dads his dad smiled.

“My son,” he whispered “you’re still alive. You seem tired you got chased didn’t you.” The boy silently nodded, and smiled. “Of course you led them into a trap,” he chuckled, “that’s my boy I’m very proud of you. I want you to have this and use it to get our factory back.” He handed the boy a katana, a sword used by samurais in Japan, the boy silently placed it in his lap and watched his dad slowly slip away, “I know you can do it my son,” He gasped in with his last breath, “I believe in you.”

The boy stared watching his dad making sure his death is peaceful. Soon his dad’s eyes gained a glassy stare. The boy folded his hands prayed for his dad.

*                   *                        *

Luke Looked at the monitors and chuckled he was very amused with the boy’s action. He may have killed the majority of the army but he also killed himself in the process, now Luke knew that he won now he will use the warehouse to take over the world. He heard a knock on the control room door, news of a victory of course he thought. The instant he opened the door a pain ran across his left eye and his left cheek. He shrieked and fell back in pain. He rolled all over the control room floor, screaming and curding in all the possible ways he could. He felt the tip of a sword pressing against his chest.

“Leave,” he heard a little kid’s voice call, “leave my daddy’s factory and never come back.” Luke felt a rush of pain in his right arm; he screamed as he used the little power he had left to vanish in a cloud of dark smoke.

*                     *                    *

The boy stood there watching the smoke cloud slowly fade away along with the demon who conjured it. Blood lined the tip of his newly given katana, he stood there breathing heavily. He pressed the intercom button on the control panel.

“Attention any survivors,” he called, “we have gained control of the factory again you may now come out from hiding.” He looked what he saw amazed him there were only aout seven people left and two canine units left. He looked at his katana, “Daddy,” he said raising his sword, “I promise I will avenge your death, and I will protect this factory.”