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CH.1 “The Beginning"


Zearr wakes and it is his 14th birthday and is excited because today is the day when his elemental ability becomes legal to use. The toned, dirty blonde haired, blue eyed boy yawned loudly. He cant wait for the first time he channels the air around him and is able to fly. “YEAH!” said Zearr, happily as he jumped out of bed. Whistling energetically he quickly gets ready and goes down to breakfast. “Good morning sweetie!” said Zearr’s mother. “Hurry up and eat or you’ll be late for your first day of training.” He quickly chomped down his food and kissed his mother as he ran out the door excitedly. Bursting down the street he saw the large mechanism in the middle of the city which suspended there home in the sky. Mesmerized by the marvel he accidentally runs into a fairly tall man, tripping him.


“Watch where your going kid!”, said the man. “Sorry sir, I turn 14 today and I’m running late for class.” replied Zearr. “Oh, in that case you’d better hurry along then.”, said the man. Wouldn’t want to be late to the first day. I hear the teacher they have now a days is pretty strict. “Thank you sir I will”, said Zearr running off.

After Five minutes of running he reaches the front gate to the academy. Opening the gate and running to the rest of the class he barely makes it in time. “Ok students, fall in for roll call!” barked the teacher. I am Captain Jargas, retired commander of the air’s army. “You are all fortunate to have me as your teacher for I have much experience in battle as well as wind control. We will start today with a flying lesson.” After Jargas instructed the students how to do basic flying exercises the students went to work.

After an hour of practice Jargas assembled the class for a new flying exercise. They went to the very back of the academy to the edge of the city. Zearr had shown no sign of elemental ability and was discouraged while the rest of the class was showing great progress. Zearr had been wondering why he brought them to the bare edge of the city. He lined Zearr and the rest of the class up and gave instructions. “When it is your turn to you will jump off the edge and attempt to maintain flight.” barked Jargas loudly. Hearing this Zearr went into to a panic because he knew he wasn’t ready to fly. The kids went one by one each of which were successful maintaining flight.

Eventually it was Zearr’s and then he really started to panic. “ Captain Jargas, I’m not ready for this,” said Zearr. “I haven’t even been able to show air control of any kind.”

“In life threatening situations it is easier to use your abilities.”, said Jargas in an annoyed tone. “I can’t do this, I wont’ do this!” said Zearr frightened. “Like hell you won’t!”, yelled Jargas pushing him off the edge. “AAAAHHHHHHH!” screamed Zearr as he dropped like a rock. Seconds seemed like days as Zearr plummeted to the earth. Looking back at the city, he sees Captain Jargas falling after him at a much greater speed, grabbing Zearr. He sneered at Zearr as they slowly hovered back to the top. Zearr had to go through the embarrassment of all of the other students giggling at him as Jargas carried him to safety.

After the rest of the students had there turn it was time to learn some basic attacks. He explained how to use air to push your opponent back. They paired up and Zearr just happened to be paired with one of the boys who making fun of him the most. “Get ready loser!” yelled the boy as he thrusted his arms forward shooting a powerful gust of wind at Zearr throwing him to the floor. After doing so the entire class again laughed at Zearr with such cruelty. Now it was Zearr’s turn to try and he was determined to hit him back. He got in his stance and thrusted his arms forward but just as the boy had done, but with no result. This gave him and the class another chance to laugh at him humiliatingly. Infuriated by the mockery his class was making of him, he got into the stance and thrusted his arms forward towards the boy, again with no result. The boy shot Zearr to the floor again, pacing around him arrogantly. Each attempt Zearr made at getting up, the boy would merely push him down again, for he had been training for months now. “Your useless”, said the boy laughing cynically. The humiliating laughter was too much for Zearr to handle, he looked up at his attacker with hate in his eyes and thrusted his hand at him in a last attempt at redemption. Instead of the predicted gust of wind, a large bolt or lightning shot out of his palm striking the boy in the abdomen. The boy screamed in agony as he fell to the floor, static discharge gently cracking around the boy and Zearr’s hand.

Everyone around fell silent as they stared at the hand that produced the bolt. Zearr surprised of what he had just done, stared at the boy. Jargas Equally surprised, dismissed the class and tended to the boy. Jargas’ eyes widened as he stared at Zearr, who was hurriedly trotting out of the academy. Zearr walked home deep in thought trying to make sense of what had just happened. “How the hell did I do that?” Zearr said to himself, almost to his house. He thought it over more and decided not to tell his parents. He went straight to his room and stayed there the rest of the night only coming down to have a small dinner. He laid in his bed, to confused to sleep so he spent the whole night thinking about what happened. Finally at 2 o’ clock in the morning he managed to get a small amount of sleep.

Zearr woke the next morning, still disoriented from yesterdays events, Got ready and went down stairs. His mother greeted him like every morning with a smile and a nicely prepared meal on the table. Half way through his break fast there was a loud knock on the door.

His mother answered it and came in holding a note. “What’s that mom?” Zearr asked, worried over his moms confused expression. “It’s a letter from the council saying you have to attend a trial to explain your actions yesterday during class”, said Zearr’s mother still confused. “It says the trial is today at noon. What is this all about Zearr?” She said in an angrier tone. “I’m still trying to figure it out for myself.”, said Zearr. “Well we will just have to see then wont we?” said his mother now more annoyed then angry.