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The Avons are beings who are able to control a specific element. One could be born with the ability to control either fire, thunder, air, water, earth, ice, or gyro, depending on the element there parents control.


The fire Avons are known for there cruel and merciless personalities. They live in tropical areas where it is always warm. The thunder Avons are known for there incredible control of there element and there eagerness for a challenge. They take home to the high mountainous terrain. The air Avons are a very friendly and happy race, living up in a large sky city which is suspended in air by a gyro Avon mechanism. The water Avons are a shy and caring people who reside by beaches near large bodies of water. The earth Avons have a history of a gentle nature but are not a force to recon with, for they are a very strong race. The ice Avons are a race that shows very little emotion and are known to be quite clever. And finally there are the gyro Avons who are mechanical genius’ capable of controlling many types of metals. All the Avons lived in peace for a long while until on one tragic day, they had something to fight over.


On the 154th day of the year the gyro Avons were conducting an unknown experiment in there main city of Catanay, when a horrible backfire occurred causing an enormous explosion killing there entire race instantly as well as small groups of Avons in the neighboring territories of the fire and earth Avons.


At first there was mass quarreling over who should get the artifacts, soon quarreling turned to violence, as a decision could never be made; and so the fire Avons decided to just take what they wanted. The infuriated thunder Avons soon declared war on the fire Avons. It was not long till every race was battling each other for possession. Chaos is widespread in this world and all hope seems lost.

The Gyro Avons mechanisms were envied by all other Avons but no race dared to go against the gyros because of there power and intelligence. After the extinction of all of the Gyros A large war broke out over the remaining artifacts that were scattered over a lot of the planets terrain.