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Betch'a chapter two
Betch'a 2
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The door swung shut but I tried to close it quietly. It was only about three or four in the afternoon. I made my way to the kitchen, made a little sandwich cause I was already hungry again, and headed to my room, on the second story.

I closed my bedroom door behind me and clicked the lock in place. I took in my room, double checking that nothing had been disturbed. My parents had come inside in the past and snooped around my room. My room is a pale pink –not my first choice – with a window stood opposite the door, showing our backyard and the hill behind it. Inside the room sat my bed, dresser, and desk. I switched on the computer. This was not a place I liked but it was the best place in the house.

With overly-exaggerated caution I opened my dresser. It was where I kept my most precious possessions. Shoved in the back of a drawer and wrapped in a tattered pink shirt were the few things I cared about.

With little else to do I switched on my computer. The background came up with a popping noise. Instant messenger came online too. No one was on. Then it struck me: I wasn’t signed on. I didn’t have any websites that automatically logged me in or saved my password just incase my parents decided to poke around again.

I gave a small chuckle even though there was no one to hear, unless my mother was listening at the door. My fingers found there way easily to the letters. E-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-S-A-C-T-R-E-S-S. It didn’t alter the status of any of my friends, all offline. I messed around online until about five at least that’s what my computer told me. My stomach growled, almost inaudibly. I locked down my computer and left my room.

My father was in his office but my mother was nowhere to be found, this was good news for me. My socks made little noise on the hardwood floor. I flicked on the kitchen light and ransacked the fridge. It wasn’t looking good. The freezer revealed better options. I defrosted something mysterious and went back to my room.

Jake was online now but completely idle. I sat down on my bed with my dinner. Several minutes later my computer made a popping noise. It was Mac IMing me, I found out after I checked.

“Hey hey,” he said.

“What’s up?” I replyed.

“Little sister made me bake. It didn’t end well.”

I sent back my laughter. There was a hesitation on both ends. He began telling me about his cooking earlier. It was rather funny.

“Oh, and my mom says ‘hi’ and she tells me to tell you to start on that book we need to read.”

“I don’t have it” I said, being truthful.

“Kara, if you need to you can borrow Mac’s book.  He should be done with it in a few weeks.”  Came the message from Mac’s computer to mine.  Almost instantly there came a reply explaining that his mother had come on and sent the message.  We chatted till somewhere around seven or so before Mac had to get off again.

Jake’s message had the lyrics to an old song but he still seemed to be somewhere else.  It was not uncommon for him to log on and then walk away for a while, completely forgetting he was online.  I’d experienced it several times before.  I was online until somewhere in the vicinity of twelve-thirty.  I was justified in going to bed.

I switched off my computer, then the light, and then crawled under the sheet on my bed.  It was both cool and soft simultaneously.

The next morning I awoke to the sun shining in my eyes.  Apparently I’d forgotten to close the blinds.  A glance at the clock said it was nine-ish.  Darn sun.

The waters from the falls yesterday was probably infested and contaminated.  I headed down to the shower.  The water was bracingly cold against my skin but warmer than the cascade of yesterday.  A few minutes later I turned off the water and got out.  I was glad for my very short hair.  I brushed it out of my eyes and got dressed.

I headed downstairs and covered a yawn with my hand.  My mom was sitting at the table.  I refused to leave.  I grabbed a box of cereal and fixed myself some.  Warily I sat down at the table.  Mom continued to pretend we weren’t related and for once I was glad to do as she did.  I finished eating and retreated to my room.

I switched on the computer and checked what was going on.  I started talking to Jake and Mac.  We decided to see a movie.  I forwarded the thought to Alex, the only other person online.  We settled on the new spy movie that was coming out.  The date was set for tomorrow.  Alex promised to tell Kevin when he signed on.