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Can't you hear it?
Can't you hear it in the rain
and the snow
and the wind
and all things cold and bright?
No-one listens these days.
No-one wants to.
You can't hear it.
You don't hear my smile in the storm.
When I look in your eyes,
my vision starts to shine
like ice crystals,
cold and bright.
You don't hear the beat of my
in the four a.m. silence
We're both awake,
but I'm the only one listening.
You don't hear my mind sing
when I see you.
The tune is sharp and stuttering,
in D minor,
cold and bright.
There is great clarity in the
chill of life
with nothing to melt the
No legato whole notes to
smooth the tone.
Pourquoi ne pas vous écouter?
Why won't you listen?