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Little Hearts beat so foolishly, thinking

they know what's right.

Maybe they do

Maybe they don't

and they always change their minds.

You can't rely on them, because they

don't know what they're doing.

They'll break your heart, too,

even if they don't want to hurt you.

That's their game, their make-believe,

pretending to be grown up.

They seek

other Little Hearts,

ones as foolish as they,

with the hope that they might

become friends,

grow up together,

and become less foolish, more decided.

If Little Hearts can do one thing,

it's dream.

That's all they do.

A different dream

every day

every hour.

Shifting colors, lights, and feelings.

Makes a lovely show, doesn't it?

But nothing is learned from it,

because Little Hearts

don't take chances.