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I wander alone
unhindered, unbound.
I wander alone.

I didn't always.
When was that?
A day, a year,
A lifetime ago?
It feels like more
It feels like less
My heart knows
I have always.

The wet streets
are gold in the lamplight.
I have rain in my eyes
Or are they tears?

My mind is an unraveled torrent
Of whys, hows,
My heart does not care.
It is an iron shell,
The inside all dust.

The firery blasts
Shake the forests
Of their silver leaves.
No more forests.
No more sunrises.
No more sky.
Only me.

I travel,
To run away.
To find the others,
The wanderers,
The deceivers,
The fighters,
The others.

I see you,
Standing there.
But I'm not here.
You hold my hand,
But I'm a lie.
I hold you in my arms,
But I don't feel anything.
You say goodbye.
I'm real.
I'm everything.
I'm lost.

I wander alone.