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Saturday morning, sleeping in,
I had a dream...

A dream that life was perfect and
Everything was calm and peaceful and
You looked in my eyes and
We settled our problems and
You told me you wanted a second chance and
You held me in your arms
For a long,

I believed in dreams,
That they would always come true and
All I had to do was wait.

So I did.
I sat on the couch and
Waited and
Waited and
Waited and...

Nothing happened.
You never came,
We never talked,
You never asked for a second chance,
You never held me in your arms
For a long,

Life was not perfect.

So I decided--
If my dreams don't come true,
I will make them come true.
I stopped waiting
And started doing.

You can't always wait for your dreams to come true.
Sometimes you have to act on them yourself.

I want a second chance.