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I can't let out anything

It hard to say everything

So I just write it all down

I do it when no ones around

I can't keep building everything up inside

But I can't show my other side

Cause its what I'm good at

You know I'm always going to be stuck in black

If you can't handle it

Then stop being around it


Look at me

What do you see?

I'm nowhere near perfect

But I know its not worth it

I try to make the best of me

Because its who I want to be

Stop all the trying

Cause You know I'm not lying

So just Let me be


I don't want to be like everyone else

And everyone says I'm something else

I know I am not normal

I don't do anything formal

This is the way I live

I don't regret what I did

My past makes me who I am today

So I don't care what you have to say

Cause if you can't handle it

Then stop being around it


I hope you will see

That this is who I'll always be



I won't ever regret it

So I hope you can handle it

Cause this is me

And this is what makes me free

Chorus (2x)