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This is my real life

And I realize

That I can't fuck it up

So I'll just suck it up

I'll deal with you

Because You know what's true

I may want you

Or just want whats good for you


Even though you push me away

I know you need me everyday


You say you hate me

Its still a strong feeling for me

I'll take what I can get

Because you're afraid to let

Me in to your life

But I'm helping you pull away from the knife


It hard enough to watch you bleed

Its hard enough for you to see

But what else can I do?

What can I do for you?

Cause I can't carry the world on my shoulders

You put me away like a folder

I won't go until you fully given up on yourself

And I want you all to myself


I may be a fool

But I'll try my best to reach you



This is beyond me

But its whaht I see

What I want to be

When you want me

I'll always be there

I'll be the one that will care

I don't have it made

But I'll keep you away from the blade


Let your failures go

And just flow



You start to see

You only see me

You start to change

Nothing feels strange

I'm no longer being pushed away

But you still need me everyday

Just so you know

I won't go


You no longer have a hate feeling for me

You can finally see

No matter what you go through

That I'm always going to be here for you

Cause I'll take what I can get

You should've known that when we first met