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With all thats said and done

Nothing can be undone

For what its worth

I always put you first

But time has come

For me to run

And I'll do what I need to do

To make it through

Forget what was there

Cause Now it's just not fair


All I have left

Is the next step


I thought you knew

That I'm not you

Love you can't buy

Or was that a lie?

Cause you taught me that

But I guess you forgot about that

So why don't you forget about me?

Or is that hard for you to see?


You"ll always be missin

Something that won't ever be forgiven

Quit bringing me to the top

Cause that has to stop

I miss what I had before

But you don't want that anymore

You think I'm grown

But I'm still unknown

I still have things to learn

But I'm left burn


I can feel agony

But you can feel tragedy



I hope you know that I won't be here forever

And I'll leave this letter

Telling you everything

Because you don't know anything

There's just too much to handle

Time to light out the candle

And I'll be long gone

So all you have is this song

It'll be the only way to remember me

Maybe now its your time to see

Chorus (2x)

For what its worth

I used to put you first