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I want to seperate my soul

And have everything unfold

I'm tired of watching you go

How could you not know

The pain you put me through

Its all because of you

That I hold everything in

And why I have all of my sins


Its always going to grow

Because what you don't know


It doesn't matter anymore

There's nothing worth fighting for

I may be a mess

But I don't think less

Your already one day too late

I guess that has always been your fate


I shouldn't be the one to try

I shouldn't have to deal with your lies

When your not around

I'm always brought down

I live with the regrets

And remain upset

I hope that you see

That broken is what I'll always be


I will never trust again

I'm always stuck in s dead end


All chances are gone

Its not wrong

I'm not going to salvage anything

Because you think of me as nothing


You'll be the last to know

That you are so low

But I'll be the first to say

That I will go from day to day

Living my life without you

Your life is going to be blue

Your going to miss me

And miss what could be

Chorus (2x)