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Tell me I'm not a liar

Tell Me I'll see it higher

I'm only pretending to be

Who You want me to be

I won't ever fade

My life is so grey

I can't take it anymore

My life is so tore


What should I do?

Why is it only you?


I'm broken apart

I have no heart

Its so degrading

To see me fading

But its all I can do

To stay away from you


You tell me where and when

Forgetting what happened then

Only caring about yourself

Forgetting everyone else

How can you be so cruel?

When we are the only ones being true

You keep walking away

Leaving me alone everyday


With all our history

You are my misery



I'm on the edge of hating you

Why can't you see it through?

If you don't fix it

I'm going to lose it

I'll be the one leaving you behind

Because of all your crimes

I don't want to do this to you

But its what I have to do


Your voice is cold

I no longer will hold



I hope you see

All your cruelty

Seeing that you'll always be alone

And I won't pick up that phone

I'm tired of hoping, I'm done waiting

Because its so frustrating

This will be my last goodbye

I really hope that it'll make you cry

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