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All the cracks we stepped on

All The streets we walked on

Had some type of cause

Nothing ever stays on a pause

You feel a little bit scared

I'm trying to care

But what is between you and I?

Can't seem to get a line



One step closer to the edge

Holding onto the ledge


Do you feel the earth shake?

Never been so awake

There are more cracks on the ground

All of us falling down

Falling brick by brick

Between us this is one big earthquake



It happens so fast

But it seems to last

Disaster breaks out

Hear all the shouts

You feel unsteady

I'm not ready

For what's about to come

Everything is undone



Look at us

There's always some type of  fuss





We may think the same way

But sometimes I wish I was away

Every problem feels like a crack on the ground

They're always gonna be around

You feel right

I want to be out of sight

Feel another big shake

Bringing me awake


Chorus (2x)



This seems wrong

But I can't go along

Always scrambling around

Finding it hard to balance on the ground