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This game is getting of hand

Too many demands

I was still holding on

When you couldn't go on

I'm not the only that makes  mistakes

What I do is not fake

Why are y ou making this hard?

You're not gonna go far



These things on my mind

Are falling behind



What I meant to say

Is blocking the ways

It's not the same

When you feel framed

I said I was sorry to be brave

But it wasn't what I meant to say



You are being so low

I'm not the one that let go

Breaking down

Coming around

You're freaking out

Shouting all about

Bringing down everything

Is harder than it seems



I'm trying to find

I think I'm losing my mind





The words won't come out right

Stuck in this fight

The words you need to hear

Is hard for me to say  my dear

God please help me

I need to be free

Time to let go

And let you hear the words so will know


Chorus (2x)