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Life has just begun

But there is only one

Don't let it slip through you

Even if you don't know what to do

Just have that feeling

Have some meaning

Break free from all

Now you're in freefall



Fall from grace

Have something to embrace

Take something to be part of

Only look above



Don't let anything sink

Take a second to think

Do all you can to be

All you need to see

Is only what you looking for

Let go of what happened before



It's time to brake

Taking all I can take

Nothing matters anymore

Except what I'm fighting for

Follow the dream

Forget what I have seen

Forget what people say abut me

It's my turn to be free



COntrol the faith

Before its too late

Making a name

It won't be the same





Find a way

To break away

Fight for our rights

Can't lose sight

Make our own fate

It's our turn for the take

This is our time now

Don't wait to be found





Take it all

Don't let it fall

Forget the whispers around

Get right back up from the ground


Chorus (2x)