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The world stops turning around

I can't move my feet off the ground

Life is what you make it

Never took the time to take it

You were always there for me

When things were down

You would pick me up off the ground



Nothing won't ever be the same

I cry whenever I hear your name

You were a hero in my eyes

But where does all of that lie



Everything feels all wrong

Because you're gone

Nothing felt so low

When you were let go

But you'll always be in my memories

I hope your the one watching over me


V2: He was the first to be gone

Later she went on

I was too young when you left

But I will never forget

You still mean so much to me

Always in my heart you'll be

What I'll give to hear your voice again

I still believe this isn't the end



Rest in peace

Are the words I say the least

My heart is where I'll always keep you

Always you'll stay true





It's hard to let go

Everything seem so slow

He was like a father to me

She was another mother to see

What I see are my guardian angels

To get me out of any tangle

Never forgotten and always missed

When time comes I'll follow onto the llist