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Verse 1:

You showed me something that I can't see

That something was me

The walls I built around me have fallen away

By you because of what you have to say

I don't know what you've done with me

But you showed me what I have to see

You gave me a reason to break away

From the place I always like to stay

But then I woke up and you were gone

I should have know that you were wrong



I let you in my mind

When I should have left you behind

Regreting everything I said to you

Should have seen that you were a tool

Can't believe I actually thought you would stay

And Now I'm stuck in the day after yesterday


Verse 2:

This is why I keep everything in

Tired of all the times I gave in

All the bullshit you told me

Didn't know why I just didn't leave

You were lying from the start

Now I'm starting to fall apart

Give me a reason why this happened now

But you are no longer around




Verse 3:

You try to come back with open arms

But I only see you as an alarm

You say you made a mistake

But now it's mine for the take

I won't give in to the tool

I now see the truth in you



You thought I'll come back to you

But you are such a fool

You are nothing without me

But I don't give a shit so I'll leave

Before I go, there's one thing I have to say

Is that you are now stuck in the day after yesterday