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Verse 1:

Dark figures comes with outstretched hands

Making it's way through the darkness

Trying to runaway from the dark man

Can't take the risk to think less

Stop to see it's only a dream

Laughing to yourself because it's fake

The man won't ever be seen

Thinking that it's your turn to take



Laughing in the face of a nightmare

Taking the time to walk on by

The dark man doesn't ever scare

Nobody won't ever die

Making your way to the place

To see the dark man choke

Being the one to say in it's face

That death is a joke


Verse 2:

Coming Out of the shadows

Bringing hell out from underground

The lights go down through the windows

Out of the corner the man comes around

One problem is that the light is still here

Fading away from the distance

The man isn't something to fear

No one will show resistance


Chorus (2x)