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Darkness has finally fallen

I may now walk outside

Without fear of my life.


Even though there are

Many more robbers

Who roam the night.


I’m not afraid of them.

I’m fast and would most

Likely spot them far off.


Because of the way I am

I have excellent eye sight

And can see well in the Dark.


In some areas I could walk

Through the city blindfolded

And my hands behind my back.


Without meaning to my

Feet had lead me to a

Spot I had loved for a long time.


I shook my head in

Disbelief. My feet had

taken me to a small pool.


The water was still,

Reflecting the silvery

Moonlight. I gave a small chuckle


I had stopped at the

perfect time, my feet were

just touching the water.


It made me laught and

Smile, first time in

Quite a long time. It felt good.


A small snake skittered

On the leaves. An owl

Hooted. My nocturnal friends.


You never fully forget that

You’re one of them but just

Then I came close.


I was grinning again. I felt…

Like…myself! I couldn’t resist.

My shoes got flung off into the underbrush.


I spun around my pool.

I was laughing and smiling.

I would remember this forever.


Quite literally.

Time and time again


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