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It has been two

Long, horrible days

Since I last walked outside.

I figured the best way to

Keep everyone safe was

Not to go past the door.

But if I don’t go soon I

Fear I will go crazy

And ruin my safety plan.

What would be best

Is if everyone who was not

Like me would stay inside.

Not constanly, oh no! that

Would be impossible.

Just during the dark..

I’ve not bee the

Way I am not

For long, less than a year.

It doesn’t really matter

I’ll nevger age now

I’ve become one of them.

I’m afraid to say

Anything for fear I will

Sentence someone to this horrid fate.

I have two hours

Left before I can leave.

The longest part of the day.

Now theres one hour

And forty-five minutes

I need someone to talk to.

But who would want to

Talk with me

Being the night freak?

One hour and thirty minutes.

If someone actually did

Talk to me they’d become suspicious.

It’s obviously what would

Happen, inevitable even, I mean

Really, why else would I be out at dark only?

Mostly I’m putting this off.

One hour and twenty four minutes.

I don’t want to be let down. Again.

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