Betch'a chapter two


The door swung shut but I tried to close it quietly. It was only about three or four in the afternoon. I made my way to the kitchen, made a little sandwich cause I was already hungry again, and headed to my room, on the second story.


Prolouge to Slayer


The boy sat inside of the cramped room he silently waited for a chance to run. He knew if anything went wrong then they could all die, he checked to see if he was clear to run out of the warehouse. From his point of view it looked clear and safe. He slowly opened the door, quietly he began walking out. He slowly walked through the tall warehouse shelves filled with lots of ancient relics and tools; he heard the sound of running feet behind him. Instantly he began darting around the entire warehouse, sliding under shelves, trying to keep whatever was following from getting to him.

The boy may have been small but he knew the entire warehouse like the back of his hand. He knew where all of the traps where how to activate them and how to get around them. Using this to his advantage he quickly ran trough the dart trap sliding under the laser sensors. He heard darts fly through the air and a piercing scream echoed through the warehouse.


Zero-The 2nd God Wars of Runescape

DISCLAIMER-This story is based off of the MMORPG, Runescape. Kelsi and I do not own Runescape or any of the content.  Runescape is owned by Jagex LTD. The "setting" section was thought up by Ekalb1000100, a runescape player.

This story is not complete at all.  I have just begun writing it and will add more details, chapters, characters, and even a prologue soon.


SS (saradomin saber)

ZGS (Zamorak Godsword)



I stuck my head under the steady stream of water coming from the edge of the rock overhang. My hair felt like it had a life of its own, trying to crawl off of my head. Goosebumps popped up all over my body. The water ran down my face, my back, my arms. But the water did not go down my legs or waist; below there was submerged in the pool that the water was falling into. I shivered. I would not have been doing this on my own; believe me.

I was under this huge cascade because of a dare and a bet. The dare because of the things I would do to the guys that did this to me. The bet potion was them betting on me to see if I could actually do it


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