Love and Other Afflitions

Good news everyone!  Love and Other Afflictions is now on sale through Lulu or in person at the Open Book in Valencia, CA.  It is a collection of stories about everything love is and everything it isn't.  You can order an physical copy or, if that's not quite your cup of tea, an e-book version should be coming soon.

We have already started working on a high fantasy collection to come out sometimen in the next few months.  There is no title just yet but rest assured that there are some great stories inside.

If you're looking for something a little spookier, well, we've got that covered too.  Laugh Until You Scream is also available on Lulu and at the Open Book.

Birth of a Galaxy

“Reverend, no,” the girl shouted, racing across the room to grab the arm of a doll like being and lead it back to a chair in the middle of the room.  “Sit.”

Reluctantly the thing sat.  It was rather odd looking, with no defined features and pasty, dough colored skin.  Currently, the arms and legs were connected to a round body with slim joints.  The girl leaned forward and began to press her hand into the head, molding eyeholes like clay.  For several seconds she was engrossed in her work before she spotted another wandering creature.


Mauree Chapter Nine

  few days later, Carina asked “Do you think I’ll be caught if I go to town tomorrow?”   Not only was she nervously brushing her hair before bed but she was also claiming to be low on food again.

“Probably not,” Mauree assured her, “If you want, we could pack up here, go into town then leave for wherever you were planning on going.”




Chapter one:

A boy about the age of sixteen stood in the corner of a man’s house. He currently was located in the dining room watching an old man eat his turkey diner. The boy’s name was Percival, or Percy as a nickname, he was perfectly trained he was the only bodyguard to graduate at the age of fourteen. He had been raised in the bodyguard organization for as long as he could remember. Before this he was a foster child until the government grew found of his obedient attitude and took him into training when he was four, and started training him very slowly. After the age of ten he was in classes that people who were in the program for twenty years were in. Four years later he was assigned his bodyguard serial number tattooed on the back of his neck which read:

777

Slayer Chapter one Restarting Business

Seth sat in the subway train waiting for his uncle to call to give him the ok to continue with his mission. Sitting in front of him, literally, was his faithful sidekick, a grey pit bull with gorgeous blue eyes, she sat in front of him panting from the long walk that they had to get to the subway station. She went by the name of Athena for her aggressive fighting skills; she stared at Seth and whined, nudging him with her nose.

“I know girl Junior is taking way to long,” Seth said petting Athena’s head I don’t feel comfortable either.” He glanced around the train car to make sure that the old man was still sitting there; he had a small brief case that had a combination lock. Athena was getting a little uneasy Seth let her go so she could walk around for little bit. Athena walked by the suitcase and sniffed it for a while and came back to Seth. She whined again, now Seth felt very uneasy he kept his and on the tripod case he was carrying waiting for a single call from his uncle. Finally he heard his phone ring he pushed the talk button and pressed the phone against his ear.


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